Thursday, March 26, 2009

How Old Is Stevie Wonder Now?

Many people have been searching for info on Stevie Wonder's age after his performance on the American Idol show tonight. Of course, I looked it up and it turns out that he's up to 58 now (born May 13, 1950). The TV Guide Recap of the show had a little blurb on it:

Stevie Wonder Performs

Dawgs, how wicked is Stevie? He sings a medley of his greatest hits, and the audience and hopefuls are all rocking out and having a blast. These Idol hopefuls do get some amazing experiences. (What did you do tonight? Oh, just got an up-close and personal concert from Joss Stone, Smokey Robinson and Stevie Wonder. No big.)

Although many reviewers so far seemed to think that the Joss Stone and Smokey Robinson duet turned out to be a rather cheesy lip-sync, most people really liked Stevie Wonder's performance. The "Idol Chatter" section of USA Today remarked,

Stevie Wonder freaking rocks! How old is that guy? And he's still rocking that hard? It's sick.

Adam dances nicely along to Overjoyed. Everyone seems like they're enjoying it. Seriously, the week I went home, I had to hear Akon's auto-tuned "wa-hoo-hoo" 48 times along with Gwen Stefani. And Michael gets Stevie Wonder? Jealousy has now returned.

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