Friday, October 31, 2008

TrafficEra Launches New Forum, Marketplace Deals

TrafficEra is a traffic exchange I joined relatively recently but that is beginning to look promising. Besides for the usual routine of earning advertising credits, they also offer a marketplace feature, a forum, and have recently launched a new blog that deals with Internet marketing topics. Here is the latest mail from the company. You can sign up with TrafficEra for free here.

1) Happy Halloween ... the marketplace deals just got crazier!

Well, we may have lost our marbles on this one ... so take advantage before we come to our senses! In celebration of Halloween, the marketplace deals have gone over the edge of sanity ... and the good news for you is that the bosses won't be back in the office until Monday morning ... so this gives you a full 3 days to grab these incredible deals. Don't miss out ... log in and check the marketplace regularly. Good luck!

2) Post in the Forum and you could win BIG!

As we announced a couple days ago, Logiscape has just launched its brand new forum for members to interact and help each other.

And to help kick-start the launch, we are going to offer some great prizes for members that take the time to post some helpful information. We know that there are lots of members in our programs that are UNDER-utilizing many of the features available to them simply because they don't really know what they are doing. Simply put, they are not benifitting as much as they could.

On the other hand, we also have LOTS of members that are getting incredible results and are really using every aspect of the program. They understand how to best use traffic exchanges and also how to use the program to its fullest. Is that YOU?

Because if you have some good tips and want to share your strategies with others, then please head on over to the forum and post it in the "Strategies for success" topic ... it could be worth 5,000 credits!

We will review these posts over the next several days and PM the individuals that have won. Please keep in mind that we are especially looking for members that also offer further clarification and help when somebody else replies to their post.

So head on over to the forum and share some of that knowledge we know you have. And if you are new to trafficera or still figuring out how it all works, then why not start a thread in the "Getting Started" topic asking for some advice ... your success in this program depends on it. Have fun!

3) TrafficeraBlog continues to deliver ... check it out!

If you have already been keeping up with the blog, then you know that it is already off to a great start. And if you haven't yet checked it out, then you really should.

Over time, this blog will develop into an essential blueprint for success in Internet Marketing. We hope that you will follow us and share your own experiences as well.

One final thing ... please take the time to subscribe to our feed so that you can stay updated with all the latest posts. We will post very frequently (often several times per week!) and in order to keep current, it is best that you are subscribed. There are 3 ways for you to receive our feed, so choose the best one for you. And keep in mind that we fully respect your privacy and will never give, rent, or sell your information to anyone else.

Take action now!

Have a great Halloween,

Trafficera Admin
Logiscape Technologies Inc

Thursday, October 30, 2008

RoyalSurf Offers Prizes, Tweaks Exchange Formula

The RoyalSurf traffic exchange, one of the most prolific programs in its genre for sending out frequent and informative updates, sent out another email today welcoming new members and explaining recent tweaks and promotions. This particular exchange has a quasi-medieval theme and hosts virtual quests and jousting tournaments in order to add some fun to the otherwise boring activity of surfing through many other sites in order to earn credits. Here is the text of the update mail.

There is a link at the bottom where the exchange owner seems to be promoting a product that is supposed to help with list building and targeting more leads that actually buy stuff. I might look into this later because I really need to get into the whole list building thing in order to start making some real money from my blogging and marketing efforts.

Greetings Citizen Karl;

BRRRR! It sure is cold and windy here in the Royal Kingdom (Virginia). I don't much care for cold weather and unfortunately, it's on the way. It's definitely days like this that I long for the days when I lived in beautiful Hawaii! Ah, well, I'm sure this email will warm you all just as it did me writing it. ;-)

If you're in a hurry and just want a synopsis of this message here
you go...

1. New Members and Welcome
2. Guess the King's Birthday to Win Free Upgrades
3. 1000s in Credits Up for Grabs
4. Referrals Earn $1.00 & You Earn $0.50 per Referral
5. Joust Quest Game Page Changes
6. Something New for Better Results & Cash Too

1. New Members and Welcome

In the most recent 7 days, 169 new citizens have joined us. We are continuing to grow because of the great things that are happening in the kingdom and because of the efforts of all of you! Welcome to all the new members and a big thanks to all of you who are helping us grow!

If you're new to RoyalSurf don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions and don't be afraid to just poke around and see what things are about. There's lots of helpful people in our chat, which you can easily find when you surf -- look for the green chat boxes on the left and right sides of the bottom surf footer.

You can also find help at our blog, the Royal Scribe.

2. Guess the King's Birthday to Win Free Upgrades

I'm not going to go into details since all the information is posted on our blog. Guess the King's birth day and place, and you can win one of 3 prizes...

1. 1-year Royal Knight upgrade
2. 6-month Royal Knight upgrade
3. 3-month Royal Knight upgrade

3. 1000s in Credits Up for Grabs

Our Joust Team Competition is in full swing. You may join or form your own teams at any time, and join the fun. Of course, the longer you take to join the less likely your team is to win... but a true knight appreciates the battle as much as the win! Okay, maybe not. ;-)

Just the same, if the interest is high we'll continue the
competitions, so best prepare your teams.

4. Referrals Earn $1.00 & You Earn $0.50 per Referral

Through November 6th each of your referrals who activate their accounts (surf 25 sites) will receive $1.00 in their RoyalSurf cash account and you will receive $0.50 in yours. If the results are good, who knows, I may just extend the fun a few more days.

Use one of our customizable splashes to spread the word or create one of your own, but go tell folks so they can get theirs and you can get yours.

5. Joust Quest Game Page Changes

Recently, I extended the number of sites necessary to surf between displays of the Quest game page. I've presently settled that on 19 pages. This was necessary since the game awards a great number of credits and it was unbalancing the overall exchange.

To offset this somewhat, because I understand it's hard to adjust to at first, I've made some changes that I'm sure you'll appreciate.

I've softened up each of the Quests some so that successfully completing them the first time is a little bit easier. It's still not a guarantee by any stretch of the imagination, but most people should find they are winning more than they were previously.

I've also changed your Strength/Surf Ratio Bonus to appear much sooner now... in fact, I cut that in half back to 50 sites instead of 100. Once you hit 50 sites your surf ratio will dynamically increase and you'll be earning more credits with every click.

6. Something New for Better Results & Cash Too

I'm calling this Responsive Surfer Rewards for lack of a better name at the moment. Several times a week, perhaps even every day, there will be at least one special splash page or squeeze page in rotation that will earn the person who finds it a great prize such as...

* 25,000 or more banner impressions,
* $5 or $10 or more in cash,
* free month's upgrade, etc

There's only one little catch... finding it!

That's because the only way you will find it is by actually clicking through on splash pages or squeeze pages to learn more or sign up for their list, product or service. It may be just a simple click through or you may have to enter information such as your name, email, etc.

The idea here is for you to be observing, paying attention to, and actually patronizing our advertisers. Naturally, you can't click on or signup for every splash page and squeeze page in rotation at RoyalSurf... and you aren't expected to.

I do ask however, that you "Surf Responsibly - Don't Surf & Ignore." I've made a post on our blog, the Royal Scribe, that explains this concept in great detail.

Observing, paying attention to, and actually patronizing our advertisers who offer something that interests you can really pay off... "Surf Responsibly - Don't Surf & Ignore" explains how and now...

You can win a great prize from RoyalSurf too!

Either way you WIN!

Hey! Why don't you login and start searching for it now?!

Have a Wonderful RoyalSurf Day!

The King

P.S. Now you can discover 10 killer strategies for building a list
of buyers who scramble to take out their wallets whenever you send
an email. Click on the link below.

Get More Buyers in Your List

Catherine "Sorceress Cat" Heiter, Admin
Michael "The King" Kelly, Owner
Customer Support: spt(at)

RoyalSurf Manual Traffic Exchange

213 Pleasant Hill Dr
Boyce, VA 22620

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

LinkShare Prepares for Holiday Sales Volume

The affiliate network LinkShare sent out an email update today explaining some of the company's recent challenges regarding the recent periods of downtime and slowness at the site. Future improvements and investments are in the works to deal with the expected increase in traffic volume over the upcoming holiday season. If you want to sign up with LinkShare (registration is free) and make some commissions as one of their partner company's affiliates, you can do so here.

Dear Valued Partners:

At this busy time of year for all of us, we wanted to take a moment to update you with some important information on how LinkShare is prepared to handle the expected increase in transaction volume in November and December.

Over the past several months we have experienced intermittent challenges with the performance and presentation of data in our reporting systems. First, we want to say thank you for your patience and your understanding as we have worked through these issues. Second, we want to emphasize that our core capability to capture and track clicks and transactions continues to be the most robust and precise in the industry.

We are happy to report that we have made great strides in all areas. Here is a summary of our current progress:

Account Access

We recently identified and resolved a database problem that was preventing user access to our systems during peak usage times. Since implementing and monitoring this fix last week, we are confident that prolonged, unannounced downtimes are unlikely.

Data Quality

The intermittent downtime we were experiencing contributed in many cases to inconsistent data in our reporting systems. The interruption in sequence and flow of data from the main database (MainDB) to our reporting servers created a lag in the system's ability to present the most up-to-date information. Now that data access issues have been resolved many of the reporting issues will also be resolved.

However, there are currently some infrequent, yet persistent inconsistencies in the data in SynergyAnalytics that we are investigating. We are also improving the performance of Traditional Reporting and working to resolve remaining data inconsistencies. We expect to make swift progress in these areas in the coming weeks.

Investing in the Future

Over the last 10 months, we've made significant investments in our systems. We have replaced our data center networks, reinforced our database systems, upgraded our ad and click servers, assigned additional servers to existing services to allow for increased capacity and automated fail-over, and installed a new software system to monitor and report on performance. These investments have prepared us to handle not only the additional load we expect in November and December, but well into the future.

In our effort to be as transparent as possible, we want to make you aware of some upcoming scheduled maintenance windows over the next few weeks:

Thursday, October 23, 2008 5:00pm - 9:00pm EDT (GMT-4) - Regularly scheduled software release.

Thursday, November 6, 2008 5:00pm - 8:00pm EST (GMT-5) - The last scheduled software release of the year.

On behalf of the entire team at LinkShare, we truly appreciate your business and your patience. We look forward to building even stronger partnerships and wish you strong sales during the 2008 holiday season.


Jonathan Levine

Yaz Iida

EasyBid Establishes Agencies, Recruits Affiliates

The relatively new online auction site is trying to expand its reach by setting up regional agencies and providing affiliates with opportunities to make some extra money by referring other people to the site. I had signed up with the site a few months ago and posted some information about EasyBid at here. The company has sent out several emails over the past few days explaining the details of their new agencies, including the costs, how you can make money with them, and how you can get started. Here are the recent updates in order from oldest to newest, with the blue line separating the individual mails. Meanwhile, if you just want to sign up with the site for free to place bids, sell items, or make commissions from referrals, you can do so here.

Hello to all EasyBid members!

My name is Derek Hope - I am the accounts manager at EasyBid.

I have this week taken over management of accounts for the site and as such I want to help to boost the overall membership and usage of the site as much as possible.

The first area I would like to tackle is EasyBid agencies!

Agencies are a HUGE income and business opportunity for the right person and can earn money VERY quickly. We did offer agencies to members in the past, but we now need to to expand them and build them as community teams all helping each other.

An EasyBid agency is an area either a country, state, county or town or city that is booked by a member to be their own exclusive membership domain. An agent is responsible for promoting EasyBid in that area and is afforded massive income potential as a result of this.

Exactly what do I mean? Well let us say for example you live in Detroit in the USA or London in the UK, maybe even Amsterdam in the Netherlands. You could become an exclusive agent for that area and benefit in a huge way by promoting our free services in that area.

How many thousands of people over 18 live where you do? How many of them buy online, sell online or have a business they would like to advertise? 50% - 70%?

That is a whole lot of people, and as an agent all you would have to do is let these people know about EasyBid and that it is free to register, free to list, free to sell and free to advertise.

This is quite easily achieved with just a few carefully thought out campaigns and concepts - most of which would cost very little if anything at all to set up.

You would have a special agency URL that we would set up for you that is tagged to your personal account so everyone that registered from your agency area would be in your free member sales pool. That could be thousands even tens of thousands of people or more!

Just think if you had tens of thousands of people registered under you in EasyBid - How much would you earn when they start to use their accounts and list items, how much you you earn when they start to upgrade - AND THEY WILL as the bigger the site gets people will NEED to upgrade to be verified and to save money on enhancements and stores!

What we are looking for are SPECIAL people that realize the potential EasyBid has - realize just how much SERIOUS money they can make with just a little effort on their part, and all they have to do is promote a free service to people!

We are looking for people to become one of three types of agent.

1. A Super Agent

This is someone responsible for an entire country like USA or Canada or UK for example. On top of their promotion responsibilities a super agent would be responsible for helping and assisting all the other Pro and Town agents in their country as well as assisting with agency meetings. A super agent would have the highest benefit level of any other agent and would be paid 50% commissions on any other agent they refer from their sales team.

For example let's say you become the Super Agent for the USA.

As official agent you would be responsible for promoting EasyBid as a free service to as many people living in the USA as possible, now with the millions and millions of people in the USA that would not be too hard!

Let us say you start slow and recommend EasyBid to just 200 people out of the entire USA. If any of those people became an agent we would pay you 50% of the fee they paid to set up their agency and this is in addition to all the sales commissions you would earn from them over your five levels!

Lets say 50 of them wanted to become an agent in their home town - the cost is very small and the task is easy. This would earn you $1250 just in agency commissions!

The fee to become a Super agent is $500 one time. A super agent receives a gold membership free if they are not already Gold plus an extra profit share.

If they are already Gold they receive 3 x free profit shares at SOTC.

2. Pro Agent

This is someone responsible for a specific area like a state or county - Florida in the USA or Yorkshire in the UK for example. On top of their promotion responsibilities a Pro agent would be responsible for helping and assisting all the other town agents in their country.

A pro agent is paid 40% commissions for any agents they have in their sales team.

The fee to become a Pro agent is $300 one time. A Pro agent receives a gold membership free if they are not already Gold.

If they are already Gold they receive 2 x free profit shares at SOTC.

3. Town Agent

This is an agent responsible just for the town or city they live in. You may live in Miami for instance, or Orlando maybe you live in Houston or Liverpool. Just think how many people are in your home town.

This is the easiest agency to have and does not require much time or effort to make it work, especially as you are getting help from Pro and Super agents in your country as well as from us here at admin.

Town agents are paid 30% commissions for any other agencies in their sales team.

The cost to become a town agent is only $50 if you are a gold member. $250 if you are not a gold member - this fee would of course include a gold upgrade and free profit share.

So would you like to make more money than you thought possible just by promoting our free services to people where you live? We are not asking you to sell them anything or to get them to spend anything, just to register and use a free online e-commerce platform for buying or selling.

Do you have what it takes to grab this opportunity and make it work for you?

Are you the kind of person that realizes a massive opportunity when presented to you?

Then become an EasyBid agent today.

EasyBid admin as well as myself will help you all we can with flyers, concepts, ad copy, ideas, campaigns and support and all your fellow other agents will be there to help you as well.


Just think if eBay had offered you this opportunity a few years ago, how big would you bank balance be now - they have over 100 million members!

All you need to do is contact me at the address below:


I need to know your:


Please note the following Super Agency countries are already taken:

The Netherlands
Czech Republic

However you can book a Pro or a town agency in any of these countries!

I will then let you know if your area is free to be booked and send you an invoice. PLEASE NOTE that this is first come first served. There can be ONLY ONE agent per country, area or town, so if you want to book yours BE QUICK!

Please also note that you DO NOT earn commissions until your agency is paid for. For instance if Joe who lives in Dallas is in your downline and he books a town agency for himself - you WILL NOT be paid commissions unless you have an agency of your own! So if I were you I would book quickly even if it is only your home town!

If you have any other questions about this amazing opportunity with us, please do not hesitate to contact me - my address again is accounts(at)

Thank you for reading my message today and I look forward to talking with you all again soon.

Derek Hope
Account Manager

EasyBid House
9 Kingsmede
Lancashire FY4 3NN
United Kingdom

Hello again to all EasyBid members.

Yesterday I told you about the exclusive EasyBid agency opportunities we have available. As agency coordinator it is my job to keep you all informed as to the progress of agencies and all the agency news.

If you already have an area booked as an agent you NEED to contact me ASAP to let me know whether or not you are keeping your agencies or whether you would like it released to someone more active.

These are the agencies currently CONFIRMED.

The Netherlands - Super Agent - Astrid Flamand
Pro Agent - Noord Holland - Ronald Koppejan
Pro Agent - Zuid Holland - Wim Dubbelman
Town agencies available

Belgium - Super Agent - Eddy Botteldoorn
Pro and Town agencies available

France - Super Agent - Jean Philippe Vacher
Pro and Town agencies available

United Kingdom - Super Agent - POSITION AVAILABLE
Pro Agent - Sussex and Kent - Colin Basset
Pro and Town agencies available

Canada - Super Agent - Stephane Tourigney
Pro Agent - Cynthia Placido
Town agencies available

Australia - Super Agents - P Tuting and C Nivala
Town agencies available

Pro Agent - Indiana - Mike Large
Pro Agent - Michigan - Barbara Wren
Pro Agent - Illinois - Linda Strasheim
Pro Agent - California - Connie Smith
Pro Agent - Nevada - Ed Servence
Pro and Town agencies available

Super, Pro and Town agencies available globally!
Especially India, UK, Cananda, USA, China, Russia, Malaysia.

Thank you for your participation so far!

Again we are looking for THREE types of agent depending on your drive, ambition, time and resources.

1. Super Agents (especially UK and USA)

A Super Agent is in charge of promoting EasyBid in an entire country. They help and assist all other Pro and Town agents in their country. Super agents have the largest responsibility but they also get lots more benefits and commissions! Super Agents are paid 50% commissions on other agencies in their area on top of standard sales commissions.

A Super Agency is $500 one time and includes a gold upgrade and 2 profit positions. (3 if you are already upgraded).

2. Pro Agents (Especially in the USA and UK)

Pro agents are in charge of an area like a state or county. The pro agent works with the super agent on promotion plans and concepts and helps the town agents in his/or her area. Pro Agents are paid 40% commissions on other agencies in their area on top of standard sales commissions.

A super Agency is $300 one time and includes a gold upgrade and 1 profit positions. (2 if you are already upgraded).

3. Town Agents (EVERYWHERE!)

This is where you the member promote EasyBid in your own home town. This is the easiest agency to have and the easiest to utilize and make money with.

Town Agents are paid 30% commissions on other agencies in their area on top of standard sales commissions.

Town Agencies are open to all members upgraded or not and are only $50.

So why become an agent at all? Well think if eBay had offered you this opportunity when they first opened their doors, to be an agent in your own area for an online auction website. How rich would you be now?

Now there are lots of other sites like eBay out there, so what makes us so unique? Unlike those sites at EasyBid it is FREE to register, list, sell and advertise. Yes we charge for enhancements and stores similar to other sites - but unlike them we do not charge monthly fees - all our fees can be negated by a onetime upgrade that is valid for life.

We are also the only site of our kind that pays free member commissions on sales upgrades and paid members commissions on five levels AND a passive profit share dividend.

So what we are saying is we are UNIQUE and we are offering something buyers and sellers out there want and need. Free trade, no stupid fees, no stupid postage rules, no stupid payment processor rules - a site with the seller and the buyer in mind.

So that is why you should have an agency. How many people live where you do? How many of them buy online - especially with Christmas coming up. How many of them sell online or have a business to advertise. How many plumbers in your home town, electricians, hairdressers, doctors - you name it EVERYONE can use EasyBid. It is not just for buying and selling, but for advertising and promotion as well either globally or locally.

As an agent all you have to do is tell people about our free site using your special agency URL and that's it. How many people do you think you could have in your free member pool by this time next week?

How does this make you money?

Well think about it folks. WHY do people pay certain sites stacks of fees every month to enhance their listings or have a store? Well with millions of members using the site daily they HAVE TO to keep competitive. As our site grows and grows, how many of the people in your free member pool will fall over themselves to upgrade for life for a low one time cost? 20% - 30% - this means MONEY FOR YOU and lots of it.

As you and other agents around the world build your free member pools up, the busier we get, and that means the more upgrades, which means commissions.

Now we are not saying it will happen overnight - but it will happen - it is already happening. Do you want to be in the driving seat and take advantage? Then become an official agent today!

Interested? Please contact me at accounts(at)

I need:

Your full name

Your email address

The area you are interested in

The type or agency you are interested in
(Super - Pro or Town)

Your EasyBid username

How you would like make payment
(PayPal - AlertPay or Credit Card)

I can then assess if your request can be taken forward and
contact you with more details.

Again - PLEASE contact me and let me know if it is your intention to KEEP the areas you currently have booked. I need to know what areas are available and what is not - Thank you.

Again thank you for your time today.

Derek Hope
Accounts Manager

Hello all EasyBidders

Derek Hope here accounts manager for EasyBid

Over the last few days I have had many emails asking me for details about our agency opportunities, many of which asked how much money can be earned from an agency - why have one?

To save a little time answering all these requests, I thought it best to spell it out to all members with more information.

Basically having an EasyBid agency is all about making money, now and in the future. However the amounts to be made all depend on how much you really want to earn. You get out what you put in!

Let's put this in perspective for you.


A town agency is only $50 one time.

For long term income we also recommend a Gold upgrade which is $199.99, however this does not have to be paid right away and can be done through our budget scheme! So initial costs would be $90.

Population - customer base:

How many people live where you do 10000, 100000, 1 million? How many of those people buy or sell online? How many of them use other similar sites like eBay? How many of them have a business or website of their own?

Let's go really low and say just 10%

So if your agency area has a population of 10000 that is 1000 people. So your potential customer base is 1000.

Actual customers:

Now we have established a customer base of 1000 people, how many of those would like to register at a site for free and use it for free, listing items for sale, advertising their businesses and websites, browsing for bargains.

Again let's go really low and say 10% - that is 100 people. Let's go even more crazy and say it took you 2-3 months just to recommend a free service to these 100 people.

Team Building:

2-3 months down the line you have a free member pool of 100 people.

Over the next 2-3 months those 100 people recommend our free services to just 10 people each. Your free member pool is now 1000.

2-3 more months go by and those 1000 people recommend EasyBid to just 10 other users each. Your free member pool is now 10000.

2-3 more months go by and those 10000 people recommend EasyBid to just 10 other users each. Your free member pool is now 100000.

2-3 more months go by and those 100000 people recommend EasyBid to just 10 other users each. Your free member pool is now 1 million!

Time Frame and Income:

So over approx 1 year just by recommending EasyBid as a free service to people you have built your free member pool up to 1 million people. Out of those 1 million people how many of them do you think would like to become verified or enhance their listings or have their own store?

Shall we be very pessimistic and say 1%? If it was just 1% of them that is 10000 people and you would have earned over $150,000 in commissions. YES $150,000 and all you did was recommend a free site to people in your area of the world. That is not bad for an initial outlay of only $90!

How does this work?

Ladies and Gents it is all about the NUMBERS. Everybody likes something for nothing, especially in this day and age where everything has a fee. 100 million people use sites like eBay and eBuyer every year to sell goods, and boy do they pay for it. Fees to list, fees when items are sold, rules on postage, rules on other things. It is time for a change and EasyBid offers that change.

The more users we have on the site even if they are all using it for free initially, the more competition it will create. Sellers will HAVE to become verified and enhance listings to stay competitive with others and get their items seen, however instead of paying through the nose again and again they can do all that free forever by paying a small one time upgrade fee - another godsend in the online selling world, something else that makes EasyBid unique and inviting.

More Potential:

Just think Ladies and Gents of the potential EasyBid has.

Think of your potential customer base is it more than we gave in the example?

Think of the potential for income you have staring you in the face.

All you have to do is recommend a free site to people to use to bargain hunt, sell items and goods and advertise business and websites. We are not asking you to sell anything, or get people to buy something, just to use the site free - the income comes automatically!

So that is what the agencies are all about and how they can benefit you starting today!

If you need more information - do not hesitate to ask me.

If you want to book your area as an agent then contact me ASAP as once an area has gone it has gone.

My email is:

I need to know:

Your full name - Your EasyBid username - The area you want to book - How you would like to make payment.

Prices are:

Super Agent (responsible for a country) - $500

Pro Agent (responsible for a state or county - $300

Town Agent (responsible for a Town or City) - $50

Super and Pro agencies come with automatic gold upgrades included.

We accept PayPal, AlertPay and all major credit cards.

Thank you for your time today, I look forward to hearing from you.

Derek Hope
Accounts Manager

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Amazon Provides Tips for Prime Traffic

Today the renowned e-commerce site sent out an informative email to its associates last week, providing us with tips on how to promote their Amazon Prime program. Amazon Prime is a type of membership service that allows frequent shoppers to obtain free two-day shipping on all items, which can add up to a significant savings on shipping costs over the long run. Meanwhile, if you would like to sign up for Amazon Prime, you can do so here.

Tips to Help Drive Amazon Prime Traffic

Dear Amazon Associate:

You still have until October 31, 2008 to earn $12 for each new Amazon Prime Free Trial member referred via the Amazon Associates program (subject to program terms). Amazon Prime is a popular program that gives its members unlimited Free Two-Day Shipping on millions of eligible items. All new members are offered a free trial, allowing them to experience the convenience of shopping with Amazon Prime benefits for an entire month at no charge.

Read on for tips to help you effectively promote Amazon Prime and earn more referral fees today!

Three Tips for Driving More Amazon Prime Referrals

  1. Make Amazon Prime a regular part of your posts by promoting the program in conjunction with products available on If you’re promoting a product, let your readers know that it’s available with Free Two Day shipping from Amazon Prime.* Include a reference to Amazon Prime with product mentions and you’ll receive a bounty for any signups driven directly through your Amazon Prime links.

    Example: “Check out Thomas Friedman’s newly released Hot, Flat and Crowded (available on with Free Two-Day Shipping from Amazon Prime). Great book…”

  2. Write about the Amazon Prime Free Trial offer and about the Amazon Prime program— check out the “What is Amazon Prime?” section below for program highlights. For added relevance, try Amazon Prime yourself and write about your experiences. (An Associate’s personal enrollment in Prime does not qualify for the $12 bounty.)

  3. Post Amazon Prime banners on pages where you promote items that can be purchased on

*Not all products are eligible for Amazon Prime shipping benefits, so please confirm that the product is eligible by looking for Free Two-Day Shipping messaging on the product’s detail page on

What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is a popular program that gives its members unlimited Free Two-Day Shipping on millions of eligible items. All new members are offered a free trial, allowing them to experience the convenience of shopping with Amazon Prime benefits for an entire month at no charge.

Amazon Prime members enjoy the following benefits:

  • Fast Delivery
  • Simple Shopping
  • Convenient Sharing
  • Free Trial


Associates can now earn $12 for each eligible customer sent directly from a banner or special link to the Amazon Prime signup page who subsequently enrolls in an Amazon Prime Free Trial (subject to program terms).

How do I Promote Amazon Prime?

There are two ways to promote Amazon Prime as part of this program:

1) Build a link to the Amazon Prime page, using the link below as your template (just replace your Associate ID):

2) Place an Amazon Prime banner graphic on your website.

To learn more about Amazon Prime, visit the Amazon Prime page on or visit our FAQ.

If you have any questions or feedback on this promotion or the Associates Program, please contact us via the contact form. We want to hear from you!


The Amazon Associates Program

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Owl Post Admin Now Has Volunteer Assistant

Owl Post admin Michele Ballard (also known as Chele) sent out an update today informing us that she has now brought in a volunteer helper named Meredith to assist in processing ads for the program's members. After struggling with a lackluster financial situation earlier this year, Chele has now caught up on payouts and is bringing in revenue from AdSense and Bidvertiser clicks. She has also managed to include a smiley face at the end of every paragraph of her latest update.

Meanwhile, if you would like to join a long-running and sustainable paid-to-read (PTR) program, you can sign up for the Owl Post here (yes, it's free).

I just wanted to take a minute to apologize to everyone. Ads have been slow getting set up, I took on a volunteer helper, and I haven't sent out any admin updates in forever. I just need to use my time better and figure out a schedule that works :)

Most of my time these days is going to volunteer work at the St Vincent dePaul and I'm part of the St Christopher Conference of the St. Vincent depaul. Which means, we meet every two weeks and on every Tuesday and Friday we do home visits to people who have come in and applied for help with their utility bills. If there's a St. Vincent dePaul in your area, please take the time and go down and offer to volunteer, even 1 day a week would be appreciated. :)

Now for the new assistant. I really didn't think about it, but then a long time member sent me a message that they were upset about it. For months Mere would email me to let me know a banner or ptc was screwed up so I could fix it. Then one day she volunteered to set up the ptcs and banners for me. I discussed it with Eva and she knew Mere as a long time member and agreed it was a good idea. Mere has been a God send. She sets up all the ptcs and banner rotations for me. One member even said Mere was a weird name, personally I like it. It shows originality and uniquness, much like my Chele name. Also like my Chele name, which is short for Michele, Mere is short for Meredith. :)

I am still here for anyone who needs me. You can email me personally at cheleb36(at), admin(at), you can get me on yahoo cheleb32(at), you can get me on msn, cheleb35(at), you can get me on aim hrtsrwild28. If you have a gmail account, you can add me and get me on gmail chat. :) I'd give you my phone number, but lord knows I hate talking on the phone. I guess the hours and hours I spent as a teen on the phone is the blame for that. :)

Anyways, I'll try to do better and if you need me, just give me a holler. :)


Surfing Tips from Medieval Hits

Today Larry Phillips, the administrator of the Medieval Hits traffic exchange, offered some tips to members about the importance of branding and marketing, including how to use traffic exchanges to assist in these endeavors. If you would like to join Medieval Hits, you may do so from here (registration is free).

It's a wonderful Fall Day Here in the Kingdom -- a great Day to Surf.

I have a treat for all my fine members. I am about to start a series of Tips. The things I've learned by using, and then managing traffic exchanges.

This will be the first in a series of Tips, which will also be added to the FAQ's for future reference. I hope they help enhance your experience with the traffic exchanges.

Tip: Branding

Critical: Brand YOURSELF. Yes, promote YOURSELF, not some company or Pr0duct to get the best long-term value for your time and ad dollars!

Sorry if this offends some, but if you are promoting using only an affiliate site, it probably will put you in the 97% bracket that never earn any money on the Internet. You need your own website, even if it is nothing more than a series of splash pages which direct the viewer to one of your affiliate sites.

Plaster your name and picture everywhere you can. People buy you, not your Pr0ducts. It may take time to develop that trust, so don't be surprised if nothing happens for a while. Becoming a millionaire overnight is a pipe dream anyway. Just like any other business, most fail to turn a profit in the first 5 years.

It is much easier to bring your one domain up in the search engines and keep it there, than it is to bring up the rankings of several sites. Since 80% of all online Purchases come from a direct result of a search engine search (Google for example), it is important to get your site on the first page at all of the major search engines. Easier said than done. It seems they like to change the rules a lot. These splash pages are also the best way to use the traffic exchanges as they are quick loading and catchy. Changing them frequently will improve your conversion rates.

If you are brand new, I have hosting available on my server. I created a baby account at 2.00/month to help you get going affordably. This is especially important on the auto surf exchanges (timer is typically short). There are a number of useful free downloads (including a webpage builder that I use myself) available at

Thank you for being a citizen of the Medieval Kingdom. You can contact me anytime for assistance or guidance. For quick response, try one of the messengers below or my Live Support link.

Larry Phillips
Keeper of the Kingdom at Medieval Hits and Clixelot Auto Traffic

Live Support:
Yahoo messenger: medievalhits
MSN messenger:
Aim messenger: medievalhits

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SendEarnings October 2008 Newsletter

Yesterday the GPT program SendEarnings sent out its October newsletter. In this issue they are highlighting their referral program, which pays 10% on all qualified earnings from any members that you can manage to refer to the site. I have managed to accumulate 11 referrals so far and am now receiving regular payments from referral earnings each week. If you would like to sign up for the program to make some extra money (it's free to join), you can register for SendEarnings here. Meanwhile, you can also read my review and payment report for SendEarnings here.

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