Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Little Bit Longer Lyrics - Jonas Brothers

Here are the lyrics to the 2008 song "A Little Bit Longer" by the Jonas Brothers. If you would like to download the song or buy the album in CD form, I have placed the links to the correct pages at the bottom of the text below the video.

Got the news today
Doctors said I had to stay
A little bit longer and I'll be fine

When I thought it'd all been done
When I thought it'd all been said
A little bit longer and I'll be fine


But you don't know what you got until it's gone
And you don't know what it's like to feel so low
And every time you smile you laugh, you glow

You don't even know (twice, x2)

All this time goes by
Still no reason why
A little bit longer and I'll be fine
Waiting on a cure
But none of them are sure
A little bit longer and I'll be fine


You don't even know (know, know) [thrice, x3]


You don't even know

So I'll wait until kingdom come
All the highs and lows are gone
A little bit longer and I'll be fine

I'll be fine

Jonas Brothers - "A Little Bit Longer" Video

Jonas Brothers - "A Little Bit Longer" Download MP3:

Click on the image to the left to access the download for the song. Click the other image to the right if you want to buy the album on CD.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tips for Blogging Better

Here are some good general tips for blogging that I received as part of a WordPress e-course. These can help you get started in the right direction if you are relatively new to this particular online field.

Blogging can be an extremely interesting hobby. On a blog (online journal), you can post exactly what is on your mind. Some bloggers could care less if people read their posts and others make an effort to gain more readers. Some advertisers offer money for blogs with high traffic, so it is worthwhile to learn the following blogging techniques.

Use a Casual Tone

The most interesting blogs don't use formal grammar rules. The formal tone is boring and web surfers hate reading "hoity-toity" text. If you want your blog to be popular, write in a casual tone, as if you're having a conversation with a friend. Write the way you talk, not the way you are supposed to talk. Using slang and other words that you might not consider "proper" will reach a wide variety of viewers. Using humor and personality in your writing will keep people coming back to read your newest entries.

Don't Overdo It

Keep your blog short to retain interested viewers. People hate spending massive amounts of time reading text on the web. If they wanted to read a novel, they would do just that. Stick to your point and keep it nice and short. Posts longer than 500-700 words are too long. If you have more to say, create another post that finishes your point. This creates one long blog, but the break in the text will be welcoming. Readers will not get bored.

Never Advertise Improperly

Too often people use blogs as a space to advertise their services or their products. This can be a cheap way to get your work out there. Readers quickly get annoyed at advertisements. If you must advertise on your blog, consider doing so in a more subtle manner. Write a short post about your product and put a link to your website. Don't take up your entire blog space with the ad... you will scare people away from your blog altogether.

To get a jumpstart on WordPress blogging and plugin creation right away, check out:

Monday, December 1, 2008

Triond December Newsletter

Today article publisher Triond sent out its newsletter for December. Topics covered include profile personalization, Twitter, plagiarism issues, trend discussion, and proper use of tags.

Happy Holidays from Triond! Do you feel the holiday spirit like we do? Fun, seasonal music is on the radio and we are working and planning for a great 2009. This December, we hope you enjoy spending time with your loved ones, feasting on festive meals, and submitting your articles to Triond, of course!

This month’s newsletter is a bit longer than usual. We’re ending an amazing year with some very important information and useful tips, so please read carefully. Here’s to 2009 and beyond!

In This Issue

* What's New at Triond? Profile Personalization and Twitter
* Plagiarism: What to Do if it Happens to You
* Dear Triond…
* What's Hot?
* Using It Wisely: How to Tag Your Articles Effectively

What's New at Triond?

Profile Personalization

Last week we launched a completely redesigned platform for creating your profile page (Missed it? Read Profile Personalization 2.0 on our blog). Many of you have already designed great profiles that really show off your creativity. If you haven’t let loose the creative beast, it’s a must do.

Your profile is not just a place to see listed articles; it’s also an online creative portfolio. Make sure that your profile accurately reflects your personality, style, and hard work. Take creative control by selecting one of several color themes, then chose exactly which types of content are displayed on your page. You can send your new profile to colleagues, friends, family, even potential employers. Just think – you’ll never have to search for a writing sample again!

Triond's Twitter

Tweet, tweet… Triond has joined Twitter! Do you have Twitter? Follow Triond at and read about our latest features, service updates, and other news from an insider’s perspective.

Plagiarism: What to Do if it Happens to You

At Triond, we truly value the creation of original, genuine work. Everyday our Editorial team works hard to prevent the publication of copyrighted or duplicate content. However, the world of online publishing is very large and there are other publishers – both small and large – who have no problem to copy and paste stolen work, word for word at times, after it has been published on Triond. These publishers have no respect for your hard work, your copyright, and of course, they have no originality of their own.

When you publish work on Triond, you retain the full copyright, so you have the right to defend it! In the past, when Triond has found out about an instance of plagiarism, we have done the following:

* Find a contact person at the offending publisher. Usually an email address can be found at the publisher’s domain, in their “About Me” or “Contact Us” pages.
* Contact the person with a short and to-the-point email asking them to remove the offending plagiarized content.
* If they have not complied with the request after a few days, send a Cease & Desist Letter.

We try our best to handle plagiarism problems swiftly, but it is a long procedure that can take time to accomplish. Since you retain the rights to your work, you can also follow the above steps on your own. We encourage you to be proactive in protecting your work; issuing a Cease & Desist Letter is effective more often than not, especially coming from the owner of the copyright. Legal action need not be taken if the plagiarizer understands the crime and stops committing it. If you don’t know how to write a Cease & Desist letter, you can find many templates online. Fill out the template according to your content item's details and then send it to the site's contact person.

With hundreds of thousands of articles on Triond, and billions of webpages in the world, it would be nearly impossible to actively search out and contact every copyright infringement. Our Editorial process ensures that your work is original, and with your help, we can make sure no one takes advantage of your creativity.

Dear Triond…

It’s been almost four months since we released our Online Editor. While we are happy to see more and more articles submitted through this great tool, we know that even some of the most simple interfaces need an explanation every once in a while. This month, we’ll answer your questions on submissions.

Dear Triond,
How can I link to a website without pasting the whole web address or URL into my article?

Many websites have long, ugly-looking URLs that are a pain to type into the browser address bar. Instead of simply copying and pasting an ugly URL into your article, create a descriptive hyperlink to the page you are referencing.

Inserting a link is easy in the Online Editor. Just follow these steps:

1. Copy the URL of the page you would like to link from your browser’s address bar
2. Type a title for your link in your article and then highlight the phrase that you want people to click on
3. Find the “Insert/Edit Link” button that looks like a chain, click it and a new window will open. Paste in the Link URL, determine the target (whether the link will open in a new window or in the same window as your article), and then type a title for the link (this will show when you mouse-over the link).
4. Click “Insert” and you’re done!

Wasn’t that simple? Now go to the Online Editor to try it!

Dear Triond,
My article’s pictures aren’t showing up correctly. How come they are different than what I wanted?

The best way to make sure that pictures appear exactly as you want is to use the Online Editor. In the Online Editor, it’s easy to embed images using the “Insert Image” button. For more details, visit the Online Editor Help Center.

Regardless of whether you use the Online Editor or the Submit a File method, you must have the picture saved as a file on your computer, or know the source link for where the picture is located online. You will need the location details to identify and embed your images.

As a reminder, don’t use a copyrighted photo unless it has a license that allows resharing. And ALWAYS make sure you give credit where credit is due by sourcing your images. For more details on embedding images when submitting a file, visit the Help Center topic “How do I embed a photo.”

What's Hot?

The end of the year is a time ripe for introspection, and this year in particular we certainly have a lot to think about. We’ve just witnessed an historic moment in the U.S. political scene that will affect the entire world. Struggling economies in several countries are causing headaches, but also presenting new opportunities. Talk of “recession” and “bailouts” bring out contrasting emotions such as fear and hope. But we can all look forward to the holidays at the end of the month!

All of these topics – financial articles, job-hunting tips, economic insights, and holiday-themed writing – are great subjects for your work on Triond this month. Make your end of the year articles get noticed by heeding our advice to create truly relevant content.

Using It Wisely: How to Tag Your Articles Effectively

Remember last month’s introduction of a more refined category selection? Since we’ve implemented this feature, we now pick a specific category for your content item based on the tags of your article. You can help us put your content items in the best place by tagging each article with the name of the category in which you would like it to be placed. For example, if you write a Haiku, tag the item with "haiku.” It will be sent straight to the Haiku category. The same goes for "poetry", "pets", and so on. Less categories, more tags, better Triond.

That’s it for our December update. Happy holidays from everyone at Triond! As always, check the Triond blog for regular news, and follow us on Twitter at If you have questions, comments, or want to share a suggestion with us, just email the Triond Support Team at

Happy Publishing!

Monday, November 17, 2008

PLR Content Advantages

Another email arrived today, this one explaining some of the advantages and uses of private label rights content. It can be used to build niche sites and blogs relatively quickly, and these then can be monetized with AdSense or affiliate programs to bring in a steady stream of passive income.

Hey Karl, I wanted to make sure that you knew about the new project I recently finished specifically for my members of ArticleApps, so I'm sending this to you again... just in case you didn't get it a few days ago.

Since we've been on the topic of adding workable, quality content to our niche website sites, today I wanted to take you through what I believe is one of the best forms of article content to use online.

You might remember a guy named, Mark Norwell (he's the first testimonial on the HyperVRE site) whose son is currently pulling in $240 per month PER site in AdSense commissions, and $35 per month PER site in Affiliate commissions (the kid's 12 years old... yeah, you heard that right - He's only 12!).

Now, one of the things that Mark told me is that his son built the sites using PLR content (PLR means Private Label Rights content). To be honest, I wasn't all that surprised by his comments since I've seen a lot of success using PLR as well.

PLR content is basically content that you can put your name to, articles that you can upload to your site, and use in anyway that you like (depending on the site's terms of service).

To me, this is one of the very best forms of content to integrate with your blogs, and VRE niche sites. It's cheap per article (you shouldn't be paying $8 or $10 for someone to write an article for you when you can pay just a few cents), it's great quality (provided you get it from the right places), and it's dead easy to use.

Not only is this one of my primary sources for PLR, but it's currently the leader of the entire market in PLR content.

Basically it offers 225 original PLR articles per month across 15 niche topics. Not only that, but we offer 225 spin-ready articles that you can enter into our article spinner and generate even MORE unique articles.

As far as PLR articles go, this is one of the very best in the business, bar none.

I'm sure if a 12-year old kid can be successful using PLR content with HyperVRE, it's just a matter of putting your mind and effort to it, and you'll be able to do the same. :-)

And if you haven't yet checked it out and joined, this is one of those things that you can't afford not to try. Believe me, you will not look back after joining...

Sunday, November 16, 2008

SimplyPLR Site Launches, Offers Private Label Rights Packages

Last week, the SimplyPLR membership site launched, and it turned out to be a pretty good deal. There are lots of PLR articles and other goodies available after joining. I have been able to put some of these to good use already, as I have found it is much easier to start with a pre-written PLR piece and modify it for my own style and keyword requirements than it is to write a completely new article from scratch. Here is the official announcement from the launch day. They were still open to new members when I checked earlier today.

Hi, we've got a really important "time-sensitive" message for you that will only be available for a short period of time...

As you know, Tuesday was the big day... and not just because it was election day in the US. :)

We opened the doors to, and the response from our members has been overwhelmingly POSITIVE! (see comments at the bottom)

In fact, traffic to the site was insane on launch day. We have 2 dedicated servers here that were purchased specifically for the launch of SimplyPLR. We did this so that no matter how many thousands of visitors we received on launch day, our servers could handle it.

Well, during the first few hours, we had a complete server overload... Actually, there were so many different sessions and connections created on the server that it crashed mid-way through the launch. And there were several visitors who tried to get a membership seat, but just couldn't.

Since Tuesday, I've gotten A LOT of emails asking if we're planning on opening the doors to others.

So that's what I'm going to do. For a limited time, you can grab your membership seat NOW! I'm only letting a core group of members join... and this is on a first-come, first-serve basis. So head over there now and check it out...

The strategies here are what I personally use to help me get over 398,780 visitors. Find proof at the link above...

So, if you hurry, you can return to the website now and get your seat in the members area for my new article marketing service that offers keyword research from my team of market researchers, 225 PLR articles and 225 spin-ready articles across 15 different niche topics each month, a proprietary blogging automation software to build your niche sites and literally "sit-it-and-forget-it" ...

The spin-ready articles alone are a goldmine. You can take them, make one single click, and then generate dozens of NEW unique articles that you can post to your blogs, submit to article directories, use for ecourse reports, autoresponder follow-ups, and more...

These are the exact same strategies and methods I use to bring traffic to and build my own Adsense and affiliate niche websites, that make me thousands each month. Just visit below and grab your seat today before I close the doors soon.

And again, thanks for all of your kind words over the years. I truly hope you get A LOT out of this membership and it changes your life!

Have a fantastic rest of the week!
Matt Callen

P.S. Go to the link above to claim your membership while there are still seats available... and start using the only absolute guaranteed method for generating traffic to your niche websites.

P.P.S. Check out what some of our new members are saying:
"SimplyPLR is "simply" great! I am seriously going to be making this my full time job. Thanks Matt!" - Jason Young

"I have invested in your products and have achieved success with them all. SimplyPLR is no different. After just 2 days, I saw my blog posts on the first page of Yahoo!" - Becky Somerland

"I've tried many PLR websites, and this is by far the best. Adsense domination, here I come. Affiliate product domination, you'd better watch out! As always, Great stuff Matt" - Stephanie Leows LLC

Saturday, November 15, 2008

WordPress Techie How-To Videos

Today I received a follow-up email to yesterday's discussion about the WordPress video tutorials. This one provides some more explanation about them and offers a less expensive package that will help us get over some of the technical hurdles that come with trying to start a profitable WordPress blog.

Hey Karl,

You get the Techie Howto WordPress videos. 79 minutes showing you how to get a WordPress blog up, add AdSense so it makes you money every day, add a recurring membership income... cost: $16.17

As if that wasn't enough, I'll send you the "Install SEO WordPress" videos, which show you how to optimize your blog to make a meteoric rise to the top of the search engine results. Kiss most of your wasteful paid advertising campaigns goodbye because you won't need them.

There are four plugins in particular that you MUST install on your blog and these videos show you everything. These videos last about 89 minutes, otherwise known as the time it usually takes you to watch two episodes of "Law and Order."

I'm also going to send you Quentin Brown's Advanced WordPress tutorials, just because you're that special. How would you like an additional 84 minutes of video SHOWING you, not TELLING you, how to customize error pages, auto-blog, use RSS, graphics and wigets with WordPress. I tried to make it a point to cover all the bases so you wouldn't be confused about any aspects of WordPress.

As you can see, you only pay $16.17 for each piece of the "WordPress on Crack" package. Each piece of this package alone would cost you $30-$50 if you bought it elsewhere.

Seriously, who wants to learn anything by just reading a book. I did everything I could to hold your hand all the way through these easy tutorials. Trying to read through reference books and hunting around on Google for DAYS for the answers will NOT get you what you want... it's just going to waste your time.

Think about this. If you wanted to teach a child to read, would you SHOW him some real examples or would you hand him an A-Z dictionary?

That's what I thought. You'd go with the hand holding. You would show them real examples and get them to follow along... and guess what... that's how you're going to learn WordPress in record time at:


Have a great day!

Friday, November 14, 2008

How to Make WordPress Plugins

Today I received an email from one of my lists that discussed the issue of WordPress plugins and how they could be created relatively easily. Since I use WordPress for my main blog, this piqued my interest somewhat. The "WordPress on Crack" system mentioned in the video is supposed to be a useful set of video tutorials on how to get started with a WordPress blog and make significant money with it. I might check this out later.

Hey Karl,

They Laughed When I Said I Could Write My Own WordPress Plugins...But When I Started To Type...

Recently I've been explaining "WordPress on Crack" and outlining exactly why you need to become a serious blogger to build lots of content, subscribers, customers, and above all... money. I'm sure some of you were SHOCKED and SADDENED to see the $97 price tag on this incredible product. Why the heck does "WordPress on Crack" cost a whole $97?

Think about it this way. WordPress on Crack contains two parts: the main product (how to create plugins) so let's say you're paying $48.50 for that part. That's $16.17 for the plugins themselves... 11 plugins... $1.47 each. When's the last time you paid a dollar-fifty for a PHP script, ever!?

Then $16.17 for five hours of video... that's 5.3 cents per minute or the equivalent of making a long distance call overseas. Remember, you don't have to watch all five hours, you can skip around or stop watching the videos at any time... I prefer video because it's easier than reading a stupid book.

There's also the instruction manual that shows exactly how I made each plugin so you can do the same. There is no padding here. I could have added extra filler text, lots of links to external sites, double spaced and changed the font so the book passed the 200+ page mark... but what's the point of that? You want to get the information fast so you can apply it and then take a nap.

But instead, I tried to keep it around 10 pages per chapter so if you want to know EXACTLY how any of these plugins work, just skim the chapter and it explains everything! Nothing is left out. The cost of the book comes out to about 19 cents per page, good luck finding those rates when you buy a hardcover print book.


Then you have the bonus videos which cover the rest of that $48.50, and THEN some... just click on the above URL to see what I mean.

Have a great day!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

LinkShare Holiday Edition Newsletter for 2008

The affiliate network LinkShare sent out its November newsletter today. The content is mostly geared toward publishers who are trying to figure out which advertisers and programs to promote during the upcoming holiday season. If you would like to sign up for the LinkShare network and gain access to a wide variety of merchants whose products can be promoted for affiliate commission income, you can do so here.

Welcome to the November issue of the Publisher Newsletter. To assist you in maximizing your website's potential for Holiday 2008, we have put together this special section of LinkShare's Publisher Newsletter to highlight some important dates, suggest popular holiday advertisers, and highlight consumer and publisher promotions. We have compiled a list of LinkShare's advertisers that commission on gift cards, in addition to suggested LinkShare advertisers who offer exciting special promotions for Cyber Monday. Furthermore, don't forget to register for Symposium West 2009 and visit our newly launched blog! We are also very pleased to announce that we recently released an update to our Publisher Dashboard. If you have not been there recently, it's worth taking a look. Then sign up for one of LinkShare's Special Publisher Training courses on LinkShare Products. Topics include Easy Links, Flex Links and RSS DeelFeed WordPress Plug-In. We hope you have a successful holiday season!

Holiday 2008: Important Dates

November 28 "Black Friday" - The day after Thanksgiving was traditionally the day that retailers went from being "in the red" (in debt) to being "in the black" (making a profit). Today, Black Friday is known as the official start of the holiday shopping season.

December 11 "Cyber Monday" - The Monday after Thanksgiving is when online traffic and sales increase. Many shoppers are too busy shopping in brick and mortar stores over the Thanksgiving weekend to shop online, or they did not find what they were looking for, so they go to the web from home and work on Monday to find that perfect holiday gift. Click here to view the list of recommended advertisers for you to consider joining their programs for upcoming Cyber Monday.

December 20 "When It Absolutely, Positively, Needs to Be There" Last Ship Date - For most retailers, this is the absolute last day that they will ship an item to guarantee delivery for Christmas. Keep in mind, most retailers will charge an extra fee for the rush delivery. It is a good idea to check with your advertisers to confirm their last ship date. Most advertisers list their last ship dates on the Holiday Publisher Promotions and Holiday Consumer Promotions pages in the Publisher Help Center.

December 20-25 Target Last Minute Shoppers - Many retailers offer electronic gift cards for last minute shoppers. E-gift cards can be sent directly to the recipient via email and just in time for Christmas. Make the most of this gift card trend by promoting the LinkShare advertisers that commission on gift cards purchased through publisher links.

December 26 Post-Holiday Sales - You have survived the busy holiday shopping season. Now is the time to take advantage of consumers looking to spend their holiday cash and gift cards on post-holiday sales. View the latest post-holiday promotions on the Publisher Help Center!

Announcing the LinkShare Blog

We are pleased to announce that we have launched the official LinkShare Blog! Stay tuned to the blog for industry news, product announcements, system updates, research, best practices, and more from the LinkShare team.

So far we have written about our HTML Gift Card Storefronts, WordPress plug-in, Publisher Dashboard enhancements, and Symposium West 2009.

Here are a few ways you can join us:

Bookmark our blog:

Subscribe to the RSS feed:

Follow us on Twitter for short, relevant network updates and info:

Announcing Product LinkFinder

On October 23rd we introduced Product LinkFinder, a Publisher Dashboard tool that is a search engine for individual product links. Publishers can choose to search either within a single Advertiser or across all Advertisers they have a relationship with. If a Publisher chooses to search within a single Advertiser, they can also choose a specific category. Publishers will only see search results from Advertisers they have a relationship with. Our goal with Product LinkFinder is to make it easy for Publishers to find product links, and for Advertiser to gain more product link distribution. Product LinkFinder uses your Merchandiser product file or individual product links in the search results. As we work on expanding distribution of your product links, it becomes even more critical for you to have an up-to-date product feed with clear attributes.

If you don't offer Merchandiser, now is the perfect time to take a fresh look!

Ian Rosenwach, Product Manager

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Internet Marketing Success Story

This morning I received a nice email from a newsletter author who is apparently into building profitable niche sites. Every few days I receive new niche ideas from this list along with possible affiliate products to promote. Sometimes there are even free PLR (private label rights) article packages included that can be modified for use in our own newsletters or blogs. This particular mail is about an encouraging success story in Internet marketing where a beginner who was struggling with everyday living expenses received some very useful help from a more experienced affiliate marketer.

I have this amazing success story to share with you today...

If you're in a hurry and want to see the success in action, just go to
Check out the videos - I LOVED them!

We all love to hear about people being successful, and I want you to take the time to read this story because you can learn a lot from it.

In the survey that I conducted a little while back I learned that although a lot of you are working your beautiful little tails off - that many were still struggling to succeed with niches - and using affiliate marketing in niche site building.

This is my main drive to share this with you...

I know that many of you have already heard of the Internet marketing expert Liz Tomey. She has a real commitment to people and helping them reach their goals.

It turns out one of her neighbors was in real need - so Liz, being Liz decided to help - and in the process developed a product that is able to help you too!

She literally turned a total newbie into an "insane affiliate marketing machine".

You see, Liz's close friend Michele was going through a divorce, which meant losing her husband's income. She knew that she couldn't pay all the bills and in turn would have to sell her house and uproot her little boy from his "little world". All Michele really needed was a few extra grand a month to pay the bills and keep everything "normal" for her son.

Now to some of you that doesn't seem like much, but to most of you, a few extra grand a month means a lot.

So, Liz took 5 days out of her schedule and showed Michele one of her very own affiliate marketing systems that had worked for her for years.

Now Michele had never heard of affiliate marketing before. She knew how to check email and surf the Internet, but had no idea that you could make money online.

Boy was Michele shocked to find that after 5 days of implementing what Liz taught her she was able to make over $500 and get 400 new subscribers that she could make money from time and time again.

Michele won't be worrying about bills now as she continues to make money. She'll even be quitting her job in just a few months!

With Liz's teachings, Michele has an easy-to-obtain income goal of $500 a day, and now Liz wants to show you how to do the same thing!

Watching the process of Michele going from knowing absolutely nothing - to seeing that awesome smile of success - knowing she could do it - and make it on her own was brilliant.

I hope that you will also take advantage of Liz's help, and start creating your own autopilot affiliate income today...

Grab the new course from Liz, and get started right now ....

All the best!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ron Paul Newsletter About Texas Conventions

Although it does not directly mention Ron Paul, this newsletter relates to the activities of his recently launched movement generally known as the Liberty Revolution. Since I can tell from my search data that many of you are interested in Ron Paul news and updates, I figured that I might as well pass it along to those who may be interested. This particular letter addresses activities and conventions that are currently being organized in Texas and are scheduled to take place during the first part of 2009.

Many of you may have already received the below via your meetups or other mailing lists. We are sending it individually as well to make sure the word gets out. If you do not wish to receive mails about ongoing Liberty R[3vol]ution activities in Texas, please just reply and let us know. Otherwise, feel free to forward the below far and wide.


Texas Patriots –

It has been two months since the Minnesota Rally for the Republic, but few of us have had time to catch our breath. We all know that the Fed’s web of debt and pretend money has begun unraveling in earnest, as we all said it would, and our fine Congress has responded in typical fashion by marching even more quickly into the pit of socialism. They are nearly tripping over each other in their rush to shred what little remains of our liberties, while trying to point blame at each other for the things they all did together.

Meanwhile, many of us across the state are have continued to do what we can to keep liberty alive against these odds via education, local political campaigns, legal efforts, and other activism. Part of that is figuring out together how to continue some of the things we started during the convention process, and how we might fit in with the new national Campaign for Liberty. The results of this year’s elections certainly indicate we have a long way to go.

Many of you are aware that a group from Texas—one from each Congressional District, plus two at-large—attended a CFL Grassroots Summit while in Minnesota. While there we also met to discuss the future of a statewide organization in Texas. We know that local and regional groups will always know best what their areas need and how to achieve those things, but many are looking for an ongoing statewide effort for at least ongoing communication and statewide cooperation where beneficial. The future holds more conventions, statewide elections and issue votes, etc.

At that meeting, the Summit group agreed on the following:

  • That while every effort had been made to make that group representative for the Summit given the time available, we had no authority to continue beyond the Summit or form a state organization ourselves.

  • That Texas should instead hold conventions that provide opportunity for all activists across the state to discuss and vote on the purpose, role, structure, officers, etc. of a statewide organization.

  • That these conventions be called at the lowest level as mass meetings as defined in and under the parliamentary authority of RONR, in order to allow for maximum participation and to best determine the will of the body.

  • That these conventions should occur by March 1st, 2009.

  • That at these conventions any votes with statewide impact would be proportional votes, with each Senate District having a strength based on the portion of the statewide vote for Ron Paul in the 2008 Presidential Primary provided by that Senate District.

While the Summit group did not have or claim authority to simply dictate what happens next, we believe it was representative enough to set a goal that the rest of the volunteers in the state can look at and agree with. The focus of these conventions will absolutely be to include as many people as possible and to determine the will of the full majority in Texas, with respect for minority opinions. If others disagree they are of course free to take personal responsibility to do something else, but we hope people will at least first try to come together and help us deliberate and seek consensus.

Four individuals were given responsibility for organizing and issuing the call for these conventions: Jeremy Blosser, Debra Medina, Robert McDonald, and Don Zimmerman. The four of us met recently and determined that the best option is to hold a series of SD conventions in January, followed by a state convention in February. The SD conventions will be called as open mass meetings, with a primary purpose of determining representation from each SDs to the state convention. The state convention will consist of the delegates elected from each SD and will set its own agenda and scope. We will have someone present at each SD convention to assist as needed and will provide suggested agendas and rules and other information, but acceptance and use of those will be entirely up to the voting individuals present. Each convention will be called to order by an appropriate temporary chair and will proceed immediately to the election of a permanent chair and other organization, then will conduct its business.

We are initially suggesting the following schedule:

Jan 10, D/FW: SDs 2, 8, 9, 10, 12, 16, 23, 30
Jan 10, Waco: SDs 1, 3, 5, 22
Jan 17, San Antonio: SDs 14, 19, 21, 24, 25, 26
Jan 17, Harlingen: SDs 20, 27
Jan 24, Houston: SDs 4, 6, 7, 11, 13, 15, 17, 18
Jan 24, El Paso: SD 29
Jan 31, Lubbock: SDs 28, 31
February, Austin: State Convention

However, as our goal is maximizing participation, we are certainly open to suggestions for alternate locations. We are also researching methods for allowing large SDs to meet in multiple physical locations via video conference. Please LET US KNOW if you are interested in attending, REGARDLESS of the date and location listed for yor SD. If the listed date or location would prevent you from attending, suggest a reasonable alternative. Final dates and locations need to be determined soon, so please forward any suggestions or concerns that you have promptly.

Please also note that the focus here is specifically on determining what Texas wants for itself. While it is assumed that whatever organization comes out of these conventions will seek charter as the Texas Campaign for Liberty, that will be up to the conventions themselves. We hope to have a list of the CFL’s requirements for state organizations by the time we meet so we can review them and decide together if we want to base our organzation on those requirements, but if Texas chooses to vote to do something else, that is what we will do. There is no requirement that you be a member of the CFL to attend these meetings, though if we do decide to seek a state charter in the CFL they will require that the individuals involved in that process be CFL precinct leaders.

Please send your comments, question, and initial RSVP to convention(at) as soon as possible.

We hope to see all of you there as Texas again makes history.

For Liberty, Prosperity, and Peace,

Jeremy Blosser, 469-212-7090
Debra Medina, 979-253-0220
Robert McDonald, 512-658-1723
Don Zimmerman, 512-577-8842

Monday, November 10, 2008

Robert Puddy Recommends IM Success Formula

A relatively well-known Internet marketer named Robert Puddy is recommending a new ebook to subscribers today. This is one that I had managed to procure before I received this mail, and I can recommend it as well, not just for the actual informational content, but also because it is possible to "rebrand" the book with your own affiliate links. This is an important benefit because you can then distribute the book by various methods and earn income from sales commissions generated from people clicking through and purchasing products that are already being promoted in the book.

I have some great news for you today...

My good friend Soren Jordansen just released a new ebook called the "Internet Marketing Success Formula"

It's an excellent step by step guide on how to make money online, and the best part is...

You can download a free copy here:


Soren wrote this ebook based on a major survey of his lists and a lot of feedback from his members and blog readers.

The end result is a formula that makes it impossible for you to fail - even if you are completely new to internet marketing, I can almost guarantee you that you will start making money online when you apply the steps you will discover in this free ebook.

And even if you already have a thriving internet marketing business, I'm sure you are missing some of the key steps Soren has laid out - so go pick up the golden nuggets of otherwise lost income!

Even though this ebook is completely free, I highly recommend that you grab the special offer - if you are lucky enough to see it when you log in.

You will only get one chance to...

  • Raise your affiliate commissions to completely insane levels.

  • Rebrand the entire ebook with your affiliate links - Making it your own personal 24/7 auto-pilot sales agent.

  • Gain an unfair list building advantage over your competition.

So grab your free copy now, and take a good look at the special offer. At that price it truly is a no-brainer.


That's it for now Karl, thanks for reading, and enjoy your free ebook - I know you will love it.

To your success,

Robert Puddy

PS: This is an ideal product to add to either your "thank you for confirming" page or your free giveaway download page because it converts very well.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Unusual but Lucrative Internet Marketing Tip

Today I received a nice little tip that is potentially very useful for promoting affiliate products or doing any kind of PPC advertising where choosing the right keywords is important. Apparently most long tail phrases with the word 'my' included tend to perform better in terms of actual conversions than the same phrases that use the word 'your'. Moreover, most of the 'my' phrases have less competition in the search results from existing articles and blogs.

This means that people like me who are into bum marketing and blogging will be able to gain a relative advantage in search engine placements for our articles and make more money from them than those who don't understand this kind of information. Here is the text of the brief email that explains the details on this. Meanwhile, if you would like to learn more about what bum marketing is and how you can make money with it, you can read my article at on bum marketing techniques.

How's it goin?

Wanted to drop by and give you a tip that will put money in the bank for ya while promoting The Magic Of Making Up System.

After poring over my conversion data, I discovered this strange little secret...

Much to my amazement!

Here it is... 'my' converts twice as well...sometimes 3 times as 'your'.

What do I mean?

The phrase 'how to get YOUR girlfriend back' converts at 2.6%.

BUT... 'how to get MY girlfriend back' converts at 5.88%.

This lil phenomenon is true pretty much across many phrases.

'how to get MY ex back' converts better than 'how to get YOUR ex back'

Now...these phrases have less traffic, but also less competition.

Further...almost ALL 'my' phrases don't have many articles, lenses or blogs using the title or URLs.


Do you know what to do?

Rooting For You,

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Building a Blog Website for Income

An interesting email about building blogs for passive income arrived today. It contains some useful information for beginners who are wondering about creating blogs for monetization purposes but are not sure about how to deal with the technical details.

Gritty Details for Building Your Own Blog

Hey Karl,

You've made up your mind about blogging and you know if you want a locally or remotely hosted journal... what steps do you take afterwards?

If you're hosted on a service like, simply create an account on the site - fill out a short online form with your email address, name, username and password. You'll get access to a dashboard where you click a link to create a new blog. At that point, you fill in a blog title and blog address (make sure these are relevant to your keywords). Then just choose a template and you have your own blog... that was easy.

To get hosted locally: you must have your own domain name and hosting. To find a good web host just Google for "web hosting" -- or even better, "web hosting wordpress" or "web hosting fantastico"... most web hosts these days are ultra-cheap, under $10 or under $5. Setting up a WordPress blog isn't difficult, especially if your web host uses Fantastico, and then you can get started with one click.

If you want more than a blog -- you want a PORTAL -- you can install Joomla on your site, which you can get from However you should probably stick with WordPress unless you plan on building a huge site with message boards, shopping carts, and so on.

When you choose WordPress, you aren't "settling" by any means. There are so many plugins you can add to WordPress to make it a very unique tool.

For example, you can hook it up to a membership site using the Amember plugin. You can search for a WordPress classified ads plugin to allow other people to login to your site and post "wanted" ads in the form of blog posts. You can even use WordPress as an article directory.

As you can see, WordPress isn't JUST a blog. You can set it up as a simple blog to get started, and add plugins later to really make your site a one-of-a-kind web 2.0 site. Learn all about the ins and outs of WordPress using video instead of some boring textbook...


Have a great day!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ron Givens Becomes New Affiliate Manager at AWeber

Today's email update is from Ron Givens, who has apparently just taken over as the new affiliate manager at AWeber, a very popular autoresponder service used by Internet marketers and other business entities. Autoresponders work by helping people who use email marketing to gather leads, build up a list of loyal subscribers, and then promote relevant products or services to them. If you're looking to make money from an email list but have not yet set up a good autoresponder system, you can sign up for AWeber here.

Hello Karl,

My name is Ron Givens, and I am very proud to be announcing my new role as Affiliate Manager for AWeber Communications effective immediately.

With my addition to the program, I will be working very closely with you and all of our affiliates in order to:

  • Boost the productivity of your campaigns.

  • More easily track your campaigns with new upgrades to the affiliate control panel.

  • Enrich your overall experience with AWeber.

In the upcoming months a primary focus of AWeber's will be not only the commissions that we can pay you based on your referrals, but also on your participation within the AWeber community.

This includes a variety of tools and resources we supply, our live webinars, or just the goings-on of our team.

Your involvement as an affiliate is a big part of the service we offer our customers, and we want every one of you to become more a part of what makes AWeber such a dynamic marketing experience.

Comments and suggestions from you are always welcome. We will certainly take them into consideration to enhance our relationship as well as your success.

If you have any questions about the program, please feel free to email us.

Let's get things moving!


Ron Givens
Affiliate Manager
AWeber Communications

Monday, November 3, 2008

New "Google Ambush" Product Promises Increased Niche Profits

Today I received an email from one of my Internet marketing lists about a new software product called "Google Ambush" that is supposed to help people make more money with Clickbank or other affiliate networks. It works by finding the most profitable keywords in a chosen niche and allows you to spend less money on PPC campaigns like Google AdWords. Here is the text of the mail:

Hey Karl,

This is NOT for the squirmish...

We're gonna beat, whack, hijack and ambush Google for profits...We're gonna take their money and run! If you're a serious affiliate marketer, you've gotta check out this profit-pulling software.

There are people who like to rub sticks together to light fires when there are matches available. I can't change their minds.

But if you're tired of doing that, or you're just daunted by the complexity of all the moving parts and inputs for a PPC campaign, Google Ambush is going to knock you on your hindparts.

What these guys have done is put all of their tricks of the trade, all of their months of learning (and years now), into a single wizard!

It has everything you need to do to create a PPC campaign that sucks in money like a black hole eats light.

You can see for yourself how powerful this is by clicking on the link at the end of this page.

"So what is Google Ambush all about?" Well...

  • The Niche Selector digs into the hottest markets out there and reverse engineers them for you, so you can target the best products for the most highly converting markets.

  • The Keyword Finder/Spy finds keywords you can dominate in no time flat, and even ranks them for you so you know which ones are the juiciest targets.

  • The Landing Page Generator then automatically produces high-quality landing pages for each keyword (good grief, can you imagine doing that by hand?!)

I can't explain the power of this software in a short email, so the best thing to do right now is see for yourself.


I can't emphasize enough how much power you're getting for pennies. Steven and Andrew know what they're doing -- their results prove it. And they'll let you have access to everything they know, all in a simple wizard that walks you through the process step by step!

Here's to beating Google into submission!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Triond November Newsletter

Today online publisher Triond sent out its November email newsletter. Triond is a site where you can submit articles that you have written and make money from a portion of the site's advertising revenue. I have not personally submitted any articles to them because I want to publish my articles on my own blog and keep 100% of the ad revenue, which to me only seems logical! Nevertheless, freelance writers who don't understand the technical aspects of building their own site or who simply don't want to mess around with it for whatever reason can build up a passive income by submitting their work to these types of article depots.

Here is the actual text of the newsletter, which explains how to deal with declined articles and provides tips for choosing popular topics and understanding the rules for publishing and attributions. Meanwhile, you can also check out Triond's newsletter from July that I posted on my main blog at That edition had some pretty informative content for prospective writers, and one person even commented on the post and gave me a link back from her site. Yay!

There’s no metaphor more appropriate for Triond than that of the potluck dinner this Thanksgiving season. You see, Triond is like the table upon which all of the amazing, delicious food is presented. Each website in our network is a different chair and you, the writers, photographers, poets, journalists, artist, et al., are the family members. Everyone brings their unique dish to the meal and there is always something new to eat. In this dining room, however, the table, chairs, and dishes are endless in size, type and quantity. The dining room is always expanding to accommodate the growing family. We’re looking forward to seeing you and your next potluck platter soon, because with Triond, everyday is Thanksgiving.

In This Issue

  • What's New at Triond? Identity and category solutions to the great philosophical questions “Who am I?” and “Where do I belong?”
  • Dear Triond… To Publish or Not to Publish, the Question of Decline
  • What's Hot? Politics, Holidays, and other Signs of the Season
  • Using It Wisely II: Tips for Enhancing Your Work Responsibly

What's New at Triond?

The last two weeks of October were busy for Triond as we debuted two updates; 1) comment identity protection and 2) streamlined category selection. Make sure to check out our blog for details about both updates. For a brief review, see below.

Your Comment, Your Identity

Now when you leave a comment on an article published through Triond, you can sign in with your Triond credentials (user name and password) and a link to your public profile will be embedded within your comment. This feature adds security and another opportunity to showcase your work to a larger audience.

Category Overload No Longer

We’ve narrowed down the list of categories for your submissions, tailoring the choices to reflect the network of sites on which we publish your work. Less noise, more productivity.

If you don’t already subscribe to our blog’s RSS feed, now is a great time to do so. Be the first to know about new features and developments, and share your suggestions with the Triond staff. Start receiving updates now!

Dear Triond...

Sometimes, our Editorial team needs to decline your content submission. There are a few different reasons why we decline articles, but for now let’s focus on one of the most common reasons. The following is a helpful decline explanation and some tips for how you can work to prevent it in the future:

Dear Triond,

Why was I declined for “readability errors” and what does that mean?

Don’t read into this too deeply. In fact, on the surface readability is just that how readable is your writing? Is your spelling correct? Do the sentences flow easily from one to the next? When we decline for readability errors, it typically means that there is a recurring problem with your grammar, punctuation or spelling. Sometimes, the automatic grammar and spell check aren’t enough. If you have any doubts as to the strength of your grammar and punctuation, try these suggestions:

  • Have a friend read it over. No matter how many times you’ve re-read your work, it’s always helpful to have an extra pair of eyes check out your writing. Sometimes, if you tend to make the same mistake over and over, you become so acclimated to that error that it no longer seems like a mistake.
  • Brush up on your middle-school grammar. There are many online tutorials on correct English grammar and punctuation, and you can even find articles within the Triond community. Why not explore your fellow Triond writers’ suggestions on grammar tips or common spelling mistakes.

Even if you spend an additional 5 minutes combing through your article, it will help. We want to publish as much of your work as possible, so help us ensure that your readers will be able to do their job—read!

What's Hot?

It’s impossible to refrain from discussing politics this time of year, and with such a hot election season drawing to a close shortly, there’s no better topic to write about than politics itself. Articles about the U.S. Presidential race, analysis and philosophies on political movements from around the globe, and even photographs or video you’ve taken at rallies or speeches are prime content for publication.

This month also marks the official start to the fall/winter Holiday season. Post your favorite Thanksgiving recipes, gratitude-themed poetry, and video greetings to family, or even lists of things for which to be thankful. Topical content is more likely to be searched for in the major search engines so don’t miss out on adding your piece to the virtual cornucopia of content this Autumn.

Using It Wisely II

We want to remind you about something very important -- copyrights! While we love receiving your original articles, poetry, photos and other self-created multimedia, copyright infringement is a big no-no. So please publish responsibly.

Double check that the awesome photos you're including in your article are not copyright, or that they have a Creative Commons Attribution License that allows for re-distribution. Check your facts, cite your sources, and work with photos according to the rules. A bit of coordination before you submit an item for publication can prevent a major headache in the future.

That’s it for the November Triond update. As always, check the Triond blog for regular news on all things Triond. If you have questions, comments, or want to share a suggestion with us, feel free to email the Triond Support Team at

Happy Publishing!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Google Acknowledges "Economic Turmoil", Promises Improved Ad Performance

It seems that even Google has felt the need to respond to the widely publicized news of economic recession. Near the end of last month, I received an email from Google AdSense informing publishers that they are working on improving ad performance in spite of the current economic conditions. I don't know what, if anything, this will mean for my AdSense earnings, but since things have been pretty stagnant in this area with my main blog, I hope that publishing more pages here will help to boost my overall total after I get the code installed.

Dear Publisher,

We understand that the recent economic turmoil has created a lot of uncertainty in the lives of AdSense publishers. During these difficult times, we're continuing to invest in innovations that improve publisher monetization and advertiser value in the content network.

We're focusing on further developing our product offerings and boosting ad performance for publishers. We recently announced advancements in AdSense for search and experiments to make ads more effective. We're bringing DoubleClick technologies to AdSense publishers, and we'll continue to launch new products and features. We're also continuing to improve our offerings for AdWords advertisers, making it easier for them to target the Google content network. Features for advertisers, such as the new display ad builder, are designed to improve ad performance on AdSense publisher sites.

We'll keep driving technological progress, but our best asset will always be our publisher partners. The strength of AdSense lies in the value of the content you bring to users and the quality of the sites you bring to advertisers. Our success is tied to yours. We look forward to partnering with you for the long term, and remain dedicated to helping you succeed.


Kim Scott
Director AdSense Online Sales & Operations

Google Inc.
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043

Friday, October 31, 2008

TrafficEra Launches New Forum, Marketplace Deals

TrafficEra is a traffic exchange I joined relatively recently but that is beginning to look promising. Besides for the usual routine of earning advertising credits, they also offer a marketplace feature, a forum, and have recently launched a new blog that deals with Internet marketing topics. Here is the latest mail from the company. You can sign up with TrafficEra for free here.

1) Happy Halloween ... the marketplace deals just got crazier!

Well, we may have lost our marbles on this one ... so take advantage before we come to our senses! In celebration of Halloween, the marketplace deals have gone over the edge of sanity ... and the good news for you is that the bosses won't be back in the office until Monday morning ... so this gives you a full 3 days to grab these incredible deals. Don't miss out ... log in and check the marketplace regularly. Good luck!

2) Post in the Forum and you could win BIG!

As we announced a couple days ago, Logiscape has just launched its brand new forum for members to interact and help each other.

And to help kick-start the launch, we are going to offer some great prizes for members that take the time to post some helpful information. We know that there are lots of members in our programs that are UNDER-utilizing many of the features available to them simply because they don't really know what they are doing. Simply put, they are not benifitting as much as they could.

On the other hand, we also have LOTS of members that are getting incredible results and are really using every aspect of the program. They understand how to best use traffic exchanges and also how to use the program to its fullest. Is that YOU?

Because if you have some good tips and want to share your strategies with others, then please head on over to the forum and post it in the "Strategies for success" topic ... it could be worth 5,000 credits!

We will review these posts over the next several days and PM the individuals that have won. Please keep in mind that we are especially looking for members that also offer further clarification and help when somebody else replies to their post.

So head on over to the forum and share some of that knowledge we know you have. And if you are new to trafficera or still figuring out how it all works, then why not start a thread in the "Getting Started" topic asking for some advice ... your success in this program depends on it. Have fun!

3) TrafficeraBlog continues to deliver ... check it out!

If you have already been keeping up with the blog, then you know that it is already off to a great start. And if you haven't yet checked it out, then you really should.

Over time, this blog will develop into an essential blueprint for success in Internet Marketing. We hope that you will follow us and share your own experiences as well.

One final thing ... please take the time to subscribe to our feed so that you can stay updated with all the latest posts. We will post very frequently (often several times per week!) and in order to keep current, it is best that you are subscribed. There are 3 ways for you to receive our feed, so choose the best one for you. And keep in mind that we fully respect your privacy and will never give, rent, or sell your information to anyone else.

Take action now!

Have a great Halloween,

Trafficera Admin
Logiscape Technologies Inc

Thursday, October 30, 2008

RoyalSurf Offers Prizes, Tweaks Exchange Formula

The RoyalSurf traffic exchange, one of the most prolific programs in its genre for sending out frequent and informative updates, sent out another email today welcoming new members and explaining recent tweaks and promotions. This particular exchange has a quasi-medieval theme and hosts virtual quests and jousting tournaments in order to add some fun to the otherwise boring activity of surfing through many other sites in order to earn credits. Here is the text of the update mail.

There is a link at the bottom where the exchange owner seems to be promoting a product that is supposed to help with list building and targeting more leads that actually buy stuff. I might look into this later because I really need to get into the whole list building thing in order to start making some real money from my blogging and marketing efforts.

Greetings Citizen Karl;

BRRRR! It sure is cold and windy here in the Royal Kingdom (Virginia). I don't much care for cold weather and unfortunately, it's on the way. It's definitely days like this that I long for the days when I lived in beautiful Hawaii! Ah, well, I'm sure this email will warm you all just as it did me writing it. ;-)

If you're in a hurry and just want a synopsis of this message here
you go...

1. New Members and Welcome
2. Guess the King's Birthday to Win Free Upgrades
3. 1000s in Credits Up for Grabs
4. Referrals Earn $1.00 & You Earn $0.50 per Referral
5. Joust Quest Game Page Changes
6. Something New for Better Results & Cash Too

1. New Members and Welcome

In the most recent 7 days, 169 new citizens have joined us. We are continuing to grow because of the great things that are happening in the kingdom and because of the efforts of all of you! Welcome to all the new members and a big thanks to all of you who are helping us grow!

If you're new to RoyalSurf don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions and don't be afraid to just poke around and see what things are about. There's lots of helpful people in our chat, which you can easily find when you surf -- look for the green chat boxes on the left and right sides of the bottom surf footer.

You can also find help at our blog, the Royal Scribe.

2. Guess the King's Birthday to Win Free Upgrades

I'm not going to go into details since all the information is posted on our blog. Guess the King's birth day and place, and you can win one of 3 prizes...

1. 1-year Royal Knight upgrade
2. 6-month Royal Knight upgrade
3. 3-month Royal Knight upgrade

3. 1000s in Credits Up for Grabs

Our Joust Team Competition is in full swing. You may join or form your own teams at any time, and join the fun. Of course, the longer you take to join the less likely your team is to win... but a true knight appreciates the battle as much as the win! Okay, maybe not. ;-)

Just the same, if the interest is high we'll continue the
competitions, so best prepare your teams.

4. Referrals Earn $1.00 & You Earn $0.50 per Referral

Through November 6th each of your referrals who activate their accounts (surf 25 sites) will receive $1.00 in their RoyalSurf cash account and you will receive $0.50 in yours. If the results are good, who knows, I may just extend the fun a few more days.

Use one of our customizable splashes to spread the word or create one of your own, but go tell folks so they can get theirs and you can get yours.

5. Joust Quest Game Page Changes

Recently, I extended the number of sites necessary to surf between displays of the Quest game page. I've presently settled that on 19 pages. This was necessary since the game awards a great number of credits and it was unbalancing the overall exchange.

To offset this somewhat, because I understand it's hard to adjust to at first, I've made some changes that I'm sure you'll appreciate.

I've softened up each of the Quests some so that successfully completing them the first time is a little bit easier. It's still not a guarantee by any stretch of the imagination, but most people should find they are winning more than they were previously.

I've also changed your Strength/Surf Ratio Bonus to appear much sooner now... in fact, I cut that in half back to 50 sites instead of 100. Once you hit 50 sites your surf ratio will dynamically increase and you'll be earning more credits with every click.

6. Something New for Better Results & Cash Too

I'm calling this Responsive Surfer Rewards for lack of a better name at the moment. Several times a week, perhaps even every day, there will be at least one special splash page or squeeze page in rotation that will earn the person who finds it a great prize such as...

* 25,000 or more banner impressions,
* $5 or $10 or more in cash,
* free month's upgrade, etc

There's only one little catch... finding it!

That's because the only way you will find it is by actually clicking through on splash pages or squeeze pages to learn more or sign up for their list, product or service. It may be just a simple click through or you may have to enter information such as your name, email, etc.

The idea here is for you to be observing, paying attention to, and actually patronizing our advertisers. Naturally, you can't click on or signup for every splash page and squeeze page in rotation at RoyalSurf... and you aren't expected to.

I do ask however, that you "Surf Responsibly - Don't Surf & Ignore." I've made a post on our blog, the Royal Scribe, that explains this concept in great detail.

Observing, paying attention to, and actually patronizing our advertisers who offer something that interests you can really pay off... "Surf Responsibly - Don't Surf & Ignore" explains how and now...

You can win a great prize from RoyalSurf too!

Either way you WIN!

Hey! Why don't you login and start searching for it now?!

Have a Wonderful RoyalSurf Day!

The King

P.S. Now you can discover 10 killer strategies for building a list
of buyers who scramble to take out their wallets whenever you send
an email. Click on the link below.

Get More Buyers in Your List

Catherine "Sorceress Cat" Heiter, Admin
Michael "The King" Kelly, Owner
Customer Support: spt(at)

RoyalSurf Manual Traffic Exchange

213 Pleasant Hill Dr
Boyce, VA 22620

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

LinkShare Prepares for Holiday Sales Volume

The affiliate network LinkShare sent out an email update today explaining some of the company's recent challenges regarding the recent periods of downtime and slowness at the site. Future improvements and investments are in the works to deal with the expected increase in traffic volume over the upcoming holiday season. If you want to sign up with LinkShare (registration is free) and make some commissions as one of their partner company's affiliates, you can do so here.

Dear Valued Partners:

At this busy time of year for all of us, we wanted to take a moment to update you with some important information on how LinkShare is prepared to handle the expected increase in transaction volume in November and December.

Over the past several months we have experienced intermittent challenges with the performance and presentation of data in our reporting systems. First, we want to say thank you for your patience and your understanding as we have worked through these issues. Second, we want to emphasize that our core capability to capture and track clicks and transactions continues to be the most robust and precise in the industry.

We are happy to report that we have made great strides in all areas. Here is a summary of our current progress:

Account Access

We recently identified and resolved a database problem that was preventing user access to our systems during peak usage times. Since implementing and monitoring this fix last week, we are confident that prolonged, unannounced downtimes are unlikely.

Data Quality

The intermittent downtime we were experiencing contributed in many cases to inconsistent data in our reporting systems. The interruption in sequence and flow of data from the main database (MainDB) to our reporting servers created a lag in the system's ability to present the most up-to-date information. Now that data access issues have been resolved many of the reporting issues will also be resolved.

However, there are currently some infrequent, yet persistent inconsistencies in the data in SynergyAnalytics that we are investigating. We are also improving the performance of Traditional Reporting and working to resolve remaining data inconsistencies. We expect to make swift progress in these areas in the coming weeks.

Investing in the Future

Over the last 10 months, we've made significant investments in our systems. We have replaced our data center networks, reinforced our database systems, upgraded our ad and click servers, assigned additional servers to existing services to allow for increased capacity and automated fail-over, and installed a new software system to monitor and report on performance. These investments have prepared us to handle not only the additional load we expect in November and December, but well into the future.

In our effort to be as transparent as possible, we want to make you aware of some upcoming scheduled maintenance windows over the next few weeks:

Thursday, October 23, 2008 5:00pm - 9:00pm EDT (GMT-4) - Regularly scheduled software release.

Thursday, November 6, 2008 5:00pm - 8:00pm EST (GMT-5) - The last scheduled software release of the year.

On behalf of the entire team at LinkShare, we truly appreciate your business and your patience. We look forward to building even stronger partnerships and wish you strong sales during the 2008 holiday season.


Jonathan Levine

Yaz Iida

EasyBid Establishes Agencies, Recruits Affiliates

The relatively new online auction site is trying to expand its reach by setting up regional agencies and providing affiliates with opportunities to make some extra money by referring other people to the site. I had signed up with the site a few months ago and posted some information about EasyBid at here. The company has sent out several emails over the past few days explaining the details of their new agencies, including the costs, how you can make money with them, and how you can get started. Here are the recent updates in order from oldest to newest, with the blue line separating the individual mails. Meanwhile, if you just want to sign up with the site for free to place bids, sell items, or make commissions from referrals, you can do so here.

Hello to all EasyBid members!

My name is Derek Hope - I am the accounts manager at EasyBid.

I have this week taken over management of accounts for the site and as such I want to help to boost the overall membership and usage of the site as much as possible.

The first area I would like to tackle is EasyBid agencies!

Agencies are a HUGE income and business opportunity for the right person and can earn money VERY quickly. We did offer agencies to members in the past, but we now need to to expand them and build them as community teams all helping each other.

An EasyBid agency is an area either a country, state, county or town or city that is booked by a member to be their own exclusive membership domain. An agent is responsible for promoting EasyBid in that area and is afforded massive income potential as a result of this.

Exactly what do I mean? Well let us say for example you live in Detroit in the USA or London in the UK, maybe even Amsterdam in the Netherlands. You could become an exclusive agent for that area and benefit in a huge way by promoting our free services in that area.

How many thousands of people over 18 live where you do? How many of them buy online, sell online or have a business they would like to advertise? 50% - 70%?

That is a whole lot of people, and as an agent all you would have to do is let these people know about EasyBid and that it is free to register, free to list, free to sell and free to advertise.

This is quite easily achieved with just a few carefully thought out campaigns and concepts - most of which would cost very little if anything at all to set up.

You would have a special agency URL that we would set up for you that is tagged to your personal account so everyone that registered from your agency area would be in your free member sales pool. That could be thousands even tens of thousands of people or more!

Just think if you had tens of thousands of people registered under you in EasyBid - How much would you earn when they start to use their accounts and list items, how much you you earn when they start to upgrade - AND THEY WILL as the bigger the site gets people will NEED to upgrade to be verified and to save money on enhancements and stores!

What we are looking for are SPECIAL people that realize the potential EasyBid has - realize just how much SERIOUS money they can make with just a little effort on their part, and all they have to do is promote a free service to people!

We are looking for people to become one of three types of agent.

1. A Super Agent

This is someone responsible for an entire country like USA or Canada or UK for example. On top of their promotion responsibilities a super agent would be responsible for helping and assisting all the other Pro and Town agents in their country as well as assisting with agency meetings. A super agent would have the highest benefit level of any other agent and would be paid 50% commissions on any other agent they refer from their sales team.

For example let's say you become the Super Agent for the USA.

As official agent you would be responsible for promoting EasyBid as a free service to as many people living in the USA as possible, now with the millions and millions of people in the USA that would not be too hard!

Let us say you start slow and recommend EasyBid to just 200 people out of the entire USA. If any of those people became an agent we would pay you 50% of the fee they paid to set up their agency and this is in addition to all the sales commissions you would earn from them over your five levels!

Lets say 50 of them wanted to become an agent in their home town - the cost is very small and the task is easy. This would earn you $1250 just in agency commissions!

The fee to become a Super agent is $500 one time. A super agent receives a gold membership free if they are not already Gold plus an extra profit share.

If they are already Gold they receive 3 x free profit shares at SOTC.

2. Pro Agent

This is someone responsible for a specific area like a state or county - Florida in the USA or Yorkshire in the UK for example. On top of their promotion responsibilities a Pro agent would be responsible for helping and assisting all the other town agents in their country.

A pro agent is paid 40% commissions for any agents they have in their sales team.

The fee to become a Pro agent is $300 one time. A Pro agent receives a gold membership free if they are not already Gold.

If they are already Gold they receive 2 x free profit shares at SOTC.

3. Town Agent

This is an agent responsible just for the town or city they live in. You may live in Miami for instance, or Orlando maybe you live in Houston or Liverpool. Just think how many people are in your home town.

This is the easiest agency to have and does not require much time or effort to make it work, especially as you are getting help from Pro and Super agents in your country as well as from us here at admin.

Town agents are paid 30% commissions for any other agencies in their sales team.

The cost to become a town agent is only $50 if you are a gold member. $250 if you are not a gold member - this fee would of course include a gold upgrade and free profit share.

So would you like to make more money than you thought possible just by promoting our free services to people where you live? We are not asking you to sell them anything or to get them to spend anything, just to register and use a free online e-commerce platform for buying or selling.

Do you have what it takes to grab this opportunity and make it work for you?

Are you the kind of person that realizes a massive opportunity when presented to you?

Then become an EasyBid agent today.

EasyBid admin as well as myself will help you all we can with flyers, concepts, ad copy, ideas, campaigns and support and all your fellow other agents will be there to help you as well.


Just think if eBay had offered you this opportunity a few years ago, how big would you bank balance be now - they have over 100 million members!

All you need to do is contact me at the address below:


I need to know your:


Please note the following Super Agency countries are already taken:

The Netherlands
Czech Republic

However you can book a Pro or a town agency in any of these countries!

I will then let you know if your area is free to be booked and send you an invoice. PLEASE NOTE that this is first come first served. There can be ONLY ONE agent per country, area or town, so if you want to book yours BE QUICK!

Please also note that you DO NOT earn commissions until your agency is paid for. For instance if Joe who lives in Dallas is in your downline and he books a town agency for himself - you WILL NOT be paid commissions unless you have an agency of your own! So if I were you I would book quickly even if it is only your home town!

If you have any other questions about this amazing opportunity with us, please do not hesitate to contact me - my address again is accounts(at)

Thank you for reading my message today and I look forward to talking with you all again soon.

Derek Hope
Account Manager

EasyBid House
9 Kingsmede
Lancashire FY4 3NN
United Kingdom

Hello again to all EasyBid members.

Yesterday I told you about the exclusive EasyBid agency opportunities we have available. As agency coordinator it is my job to keep you all informed as to the progress of agencies and all the agency news.

If you already have an area booked as an agent you NEED to contact me ASAP to let me know whether or not you are keeping your agencies or whether you would like it released to someone more active.

These are the agencies currently CONFIRMED.

The Netherlands - Super Agent - Astrid Flamand
Pro Agent - Noord Holland - Ronald Koppejan
Pro Agent - Zuid Holland - Wim Dubbelman
Town agencies available

Belgium - Super Agent - Eddy Botteldoorn
Pro and Town agencies available

France - Super Agent - Jean Philippe Vacher
Pro and Town agencies available

United Kingdom - Super Agent - POSITION AVAILABLE
Pro Agent - Sussex and Kent - Colin Basset
Pro and Town agencies available

Canada - Super Agent - Stephane Tourigney
Pro Agent - Cynthia Placido
Town agencies available

Australia - Super Agents - P Tuting and C Nivala
Town agencies available

Pro Agent - Indiana - Mike Large
Pro Agent - Michigan - Barbara Wren
Pro Agent - Illinois - Linda Strasheim
Pro Agent - California - Connie Smith
Pro Agent - Nevada - Ed Servence
Pro and Town agencies available

Super, Pro and Town agencies available globally!
Especially India, UK, Cananda, USA, China, Russia, Malaysia.

Thank you for your participation so far!

Again we are looking for THREE types of agent depending on your drive, ambition, time and resources.

1. Super Agents (especially UK and USA)

A Super Agent is in charge of promoting EasyBid in an entire country. They help and assist all other Pro and Town agents in their country. Super agents have the largest responsibility but they also get lots more benefits and commissions! Super Agents are paid 50% commissions on other agencies in their area on top of standard sales commissions.

A Super Agency is $500 one time and includes a gold upgrade and 2 profit positions. (3 if you are already upgraded).

2. Pro Agents (Especially in the USA and UK)

Pro agents are in charge of an area like a state or county. The pro agent works with the super agent on promotion plans and concepts and helps the town agents in his/or her area. Pro Agents are paid 40% commissions on other agencies in their area on top of standard sales commissions.

A super Agency is $300 one time and includes a gold upgrade and 1 profit positions. (2 if you are already upgraded).

3. Town Agents (EVERYWHERE!)

This is where you the member promote EasyBid in your own home town. This is the easiest agency to have and the easiest to utilize and make money with.

Town Agents are paid 30% commissions on other agencies in their area on top of standard sales commissions.

Town Agencies are open to all members upgraded or not and are only $50.

So why become an agent at all? Well think if eBay had offered you this opportunity when they first opened their doors, to be an agent in your own area for an online auction website. How rich would you be now?

Now there are lots of other sites like eBay out there, so what makes us so unique? Unlike those sites at EasyBid it is FREE to register, list, sell and advertise. Yes we charge for enhancements and stores similar to other sites - but unlike them we do not charge monthly fees - all our fees can be negated by a onetime upgrade that is valid for life.

We are also the only site of our kind that pays free member commissions on sales upgrades and paid members commissions on five levels AND a passive profit share dividend.

So what we are saying is we are UNIQUE and we are offering something buyers and sellers out there want and need. Free trade, no stupid fees, no stupid postage rules, no stupid payment processor rules - a site with the seller and the buyer in mind.

So that is why you should have an agency. How many people live where you do? How many of them buy online - especially with Christmas coming up. How many of them sell online or have a business to advertise. How many plumbers in your home town, electricians, hairdressers, doctors - you name it EVERYONE can use EasyBid. It is not just for buying and selling, but for advertising and promotion as well either globally or locally.

As an agent all you have to do is tell people about our free site using your special agency URL and that's it. How many people do you think you could have in your free member pool by this time next week?

How does this make you money?

Well think about it folks. WHY do people pay certain sites stacks of fees every month to enhance their listings or have a store? Well with millions of members using the site daily they HAVE TO to keep competitive. As our site grows and grows, how many of the people in your free member pool will fall over themselves to upgrade for life for a low one time cost? 20% - 30% - this means MONEY FOR YOU and lots of it.

As you and other agents around the world build your free member pools up, the busier we get, and that means the more upgrades, which means commissions.

Now we are not saying it will happen overnight - but it will happen - it is already happening. Do you want to be in the driving seat and take advantage? Then become an official agent today!

Interested? Please contact me at accounts(at)

I need:

Your full name

Your email address

The area you are interested in

The type or agency you are interested in
(Super - Pro or Town)

Your EasyBid username

How you would like make payment
(PayPal - AlertPay or Credit Card)

I can then assess if your request can be taken forward and
contact you with more details.

Again - PLEASE contact me and let me know if it is your intention to KEEP the areas you currently have booked. I need to know what areas are available and what is not - Thank you.

Again thank you for your time today.

Derek Hope
Accounts Manager

Hello all EasyBidders

Derek Hope here accounts manager for EasyBid

Over the last few days I have had many emails asking me for details about our agency opportunities, many of which asked how much money can be earned from an agency - why have one?

To save a little time answering all these requests, I thought it best to spell it out to all members with more information.

Basically having an EasyBid agency is all about making money, now and in the future. However the amounts to be made all depend on how much you really want to earn. You get out what you put in!

Let's put this in perspective for you.


A town agency is only $50 one time.

For long term income we also recommend a Gold upgrade which is $199.99, however this does not have to be paid right away and can be done through our budget scheme! So initial costs would be $90.

Population - customer base:

How many people live where you do 10000, 100000, 1 million? How many of those people buy or sell online? How many of them use other similar sites like eBay? How many of them have a business or website of their own?

Let's go really low and say just 10%

So if your agency area has a population of 10000 that is 1000 people. So your potential customer base is 1000.

Actual customers:

Now we have established a customer base of 1000 people, how many of those would like to register at a site for free and use it for free, listing items for sale, advertising their businesses and websites, browsing for bargains.

Again let's go really low and say 10% - that is 100 people. Let's go even more crazy and say it took you 2-3 months just to recommend a free service to these 100 people.

Team Building:

2-3 months down the line you have a free member pool of 100 people.

Over the next 2-3 months those 100 people recommend our free services to just 10 people each. Your free member pool is now 1000.

2-3 more months go by and those 1000 people recommend EasyBid to just 10 other users each. Your free member pool is now 10000.

2-3 more months go by and those 10000 people recommend EasyBid to just 10 other users each. Your free member pool is now 100000.

2-3 more months go by and those 100000 people recommend EasyBid to just 10 other users each. Your free member pool is now 1 million!

Time Frame and Income:

So over approx 1 year just by recommending EasyBid as a free service to people you have built your free member pool up to 1 million people. Out of those 1 million people how many of them do you think would like to become verified or enhance their listings or have their own store?

Shall we be very pessimistic and say 1%? If it was just 1% of them that is 10000 people and you would have earned over $150,000 in commissions. YES $150,000 and all you did was recommend a free site to people in your area of the world. That is not bad for an initial outlay of only $90!

How does this work?

Ladies and Gents it is all about the NUMBERS. Everybody likes something for nothing, especially in this day and age where everything has a fee. 100 million people use sites like eBay and eBuyer every year to sell goods, and boy do they pay for it. Fees to list, fees when items are sold, rules on postage, rules on other things. It is time for a change and EasyBid offers that change.

The more users we have on the site even if they are all using it for free initially, the more competition it will create. Sellers will HAVE to become verified and enhance listings to stay competitive with others and get their items seen, however instead of paying through the nose again and again they can do all that free forever by paying a small one time upgrade fee - another godsend in the online selling world, something else that makes EasyBid unique and inviting.

More Potential:

Just think Ladies and Gents of the potential EasyBid has.

Think of your potential customer base is it more than we gave in the example?

Think of the potential for income you have staring you in the face.

All you have to do is recommend a free site to people to use to bargain hunt, sell items and goods and advertise business and websites. We are not asking you to sell anything, or get people to buy something, just to use the site free - the income comes automatically!

So that is what the agencies are all about and how they can benefit you starting today!

If you need more information - do not hesitate to ask me.

If you want to book your area as an agent then contact me ASAP as once an area has gone it has gone.

My email is:

I need to know:

Your full name - Your EasyBid username - The area you want to book - How you would like to make payment.

Prices are:

Super Agent (responsible for a country) - $500

Pro Agent (responsible for a state or county - $300

Town Agent (responsible for a Town or City) - $50

Super and Pro agencies come with automatic gold upgrades included.

We accept PayPal, AlertPay and all major credit cards.

Thank you for your time today, I look forward to hearing from you.

Derek Hope
Accounts Manager