Thursday, March 26, 2009

How Old Is Stevie Wonder Now?

Many people have been searching for info on Stevie Wonder's age after his performance on the American Idol show tonight. Of course, I looked it up and it turns out that he's up to 58 now (born May 13, 1950). The TV Guide Recap of the show had a little blurb on it:

Stevie Wonder Performs

Dawgs, how wicked is Stevie? He sings a medley of his greatest hits, and the audience and hopefuls are all rocking out and having a blast. These Idol hopefuls do get some amazing experiences. (What did you do tonight? Oh, just got an up-close and personal concert from Joss Stone, Smokey Robinson and Stevie Wonder. No big.)

Although many reviewers so far seemed to think that the Joss Stone and Smokey Robinson duet turned out to be a rather cheesy lip-sync, most people really liked Stevie Wonder's performance. The "Idol Chatter" section of USA Today remarked,

Stevie Wonder freaking rocks! How old is that guy? And he's still rocking that hard? It's sick.

Adam dances nicely along to Overjoyed. Everyone seems like they're enjoying it. Seriously, the week I went home, I had to hear Akon's auto-tuned "wa-hoo-hoo" 48 times along with Gwen Stefani. And Michael gets Stevie Wonder? Jealousy has now returned.

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Joss Stone Sings Duet with Smokey Robinson

In celebrity news tonight, Joss Stone sang her much-anticipated duet with Smokey Robinson on the American Idol show. Many people have been wondering about Smokey Robinson's age, so I did a little search to see if I could track this down -- it turns out that he's 69. Wow!

Out of curiosity, I looked up the age on Joss Stone also -- she's only 21. Hmmmm....anyway, here's a clip from the The L.A. Times music blog about the American Idol performance:

The 69-year-old will debut “You’re the One for Me,” a duet with Joss Stone from his forthcoming record, "Time Flies When You're Having Fun," which is tentatively scheduled to drop in May.

“I first met Joss in England when she was about 15,” Robinson said by phone today. “She’s just incredible, and her voice is so powerful.”

The former Miracles member said the two recorded the tune together in New York last year. And Stone isn’t the only guest Robinson has slated to appear on his forthcoming disc either. The “Tears of a Clown” singer has lined up India.Arie and Carlos Santana to appear on other tracks.

“I had a few people in mind for this project,” said Robinson, who added that he had been slowly putting together original songs (and a version of Norah Jones’ “Don’t Know Why”) for the record over the last three years.

So who would Robinson like to see take “Idol” this year? Could it be Adam Lambert, to whom he gave a standing ovation for the contestant's shockingly elegant take on "Tracks of My Tears"?

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Where to Purchase Acai Berry

This article by Eru Chawla suggests some tips about where to purchase acai berry products in various forms and describes some of their associated health benefits.

Do you think you or your children do not take sufficient minerals and vitamins in your everyday diet? If yes then Acai berry supplements and juice can be an easy solution to your problem. Acai berry is among a few nutritious fruits that have immense health benefits and is also used in various protein bars and energy drinks. You may also find it in the powdered form as a good vitamin supplement. Improved memory and mental alertness are a few of the proven benefits of Acai.

Like all other fruits, the best benefits of Acai can be realized when it is consumed as the fresh fruit itself. Unfortunately, these berries get rotten within almost 24 hours of their harvest. So, you may not find fresh berries anywhere outside Brazil, where they are found in abundance in Amazon Rainforest. But the good thing is that, to spread their benefits to the whole world, they are processed soon after their harvest and then transported to different parts of the world. Also, they are processed in a way that almost all the nutritional value of the fruit is retained. So, you may not regret not having found the whole fruit in your country.

There are several forms in which Acai can be purchased: Acai supplements, juices, preserves, smoothies frozen packages, and purees are among some of the most commonly found. Generally, it is a little difficult to find Acai juices or berries at grocery stores, though you might find them at a nearby health food shop, or even better, you may place an order online and get it delivered to your doorstep.

Mona Vie is one of the most popular manufacturers for Acai berry juice. The juice provided blends in itself Acai cherry, which is the real Acai berry along with pomegranate, bilberry, and blueberry. Regular drinking of this juice helps you to overcome serious health ailments such as stroke, arthritis, cardiovascular disease, inflammatory bowel disease, and even Alzheimer’s disease. Taking the berry juice also assures that you are getting a balanced and nutritious diet everyday.

Acai Plus or is a good site to buy Acai juice. However, if you wish to purchase Acai in powdered form, is the recommended site for you. You may take Acai daily as vitamin supplement with your meals.

The popularity of Acai berry has increased tremendously in the past few years. The fruit has also gained a fair share of publicity by being featured on a few health profiles and television shows such as the famous Oprah Winfrey show. For example, Acai secured the position in top ten super foods by Dr. Nicholas Perricone. In fact, Dr. Perricone was further invited on Oprah, where he explained more about the fruit and its benefits and how it changed the life of many people. So, if you also want to secure a healthy future or improve your present, be smart and purchase an Acai berry product today.

Friday, January 9, 2009

SendEarnings January Newsletter

The get-paid-to (GPT) company SendEarnings sent out its January newsletter this week. This is a program that pays you for reading emails, taking surveys, and completing some simple offers. I have already received a $30 check from them in previous months and should be receiving another one in about a week. You can join SendEarnings easily by clicking on the banner below and registering for free.

Insurance Center

SendEarnings has teamed up with NetQuote to give you a quick and easy way to find the auto, home, health and life insurance that’s right for you. With the web’s largest network of top agents, NetQuote has connected over 20 million people to great savings. Simply by visiting the Insurance Center on SendEarnings, you could save up to 40% on your insurance!

Just log on to SendEarnings and visit the Insurance Center. Select the type of insurance you’re interested in and fill out a basic questionnaire. Up to five agents will contact you to offer the most complete coverage at the lowest possible rate. When insurance agents compete for your business, you come out the winner!

While visiting the Insurance Center, you can also pick up helpful information on items such as making the home insurance claim process smoother and money saving tips for your auto and health insurance. Here, you can also see how easy it is to get free insurance quotes so you can quickly compare rates.

Start this year off by saving a bundle on your auto, home, health and life insurance. Check out the Insurance Center today!

Fantastic Facts

According to, the perennial most popular New Year’s resolutions are to lose weight, manage debt and save money.

You can quickly and easily check saving money off your list by visiting the Insurance Center, where you could save up to 40% on your insurance!


As the cold of winter is setting in, heat things up with Cash Games on SendEarnings®! In the month of January, for each dollar you earn in your Cash Games account, you’ll also earn a chance to win one of two exciting prizes.

You can keep the fun and games going by winning a Xbox 360. This video game and entertainment system places you in the center of the action by giving you the games you want to play and connecting you to the people you want to play with. But if you have a few items that you were not able to check off your wish list over the holiday season, you can opt for the Gift Card Bundle. With gift cards from Best Buy, Target, Toys ‘R’ Us and Barnes and Noble, you can pick out any gifts that were missed!

To win one of these great prizes, simply play Cash Games. You can play favorites such as Family Feud, Scrabble and Bejeweled – or check out the ever popular Wheel of Fortune. Inspired by the classic game show, you can spin the wheel, solve puzzles and win with Wheel of Fortune!

Check out our Sweepstakes page for more information on how you can win exciting prizes just by playing your favorite Cash Games!

Member Story

“I had been with the same insurance company for years and thought I was getting a good deal. Boy was I wrong! After visiting the Insurance Center to get my free quotes, my wife and I saved hundreds of dollars on our car insurance! It was so easy!”

Brian E.
Woodbury, MN

Log In -- Last Reminder

For those members who may not have noticed, as of October 2008 there is a new log in process. Just one last friendly time you log in to SendEarnings, be sure to use your email address rather than your username.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Triond January Newsletter

This is the latest newsletter from Triond, a site where you can submit articles that you have written or have acquired the rights to and earn revenue from them after they are published. Another site in this category that can earn you some money is Bukisa.

You can join Bukisa for free here.

Meanwhile, here is the text of the Triond newsletter:

Happy New Year from everyone at Triond! Some might say that making resolutions for the New Year is passé, but we think it’s an excellent way to set up personal and professional goals. So what are Triond’s resolutions for 2009? We’ve resolved to keep listening closely to your suggestions, and also to be extra innovative when creating and releasing new features. Of course, we have plenty of other great things in store for 2009, so keep track of everything we’re doing by reading our blog and by following us on Twitter.

What's New at Triond?

In addition to a great deal of anticipation and planning for 2009, December saw the release of two new features within our submissions and editorial process.

Spell Checking

This feature was a suggestion that came directly from you – spell checking! Now it’s possible to check the spelling in your article easily before you submit it to our Editorial Team. Click on the ABC button in the Online Editor and any misspellings are underlined. When you click on an incorrect word, a list of corrections will drop down to the right. It was a great suggestion, and it was our pleasure to add it to Triond.


Another feature we released allows you to revise your articles after you have submitted them to the Editorial Team. If our Editors feel that an article isn’t quite ready to be published, it will be returned to you as a Revision with notes from our Editorial Team. Our Editors’ suggestions for revision help to make your article ready for its big debut, so heed our advice carefully before submitting your revision.

It’s important to know that if you have an article to revise, make sure to open and resubmit it from the revisions tab. This is the only way to ensure that your article will be fixed and processed properly. If you copy and paste your article to a new submission, your work could be declined for having been submitted previously.

Dear Triond…

As the year ends, we’d like to answer some “back to basics” questions that both new and veteran users ask.

Dear Triond,
How can I change the spacing between lines? My article doesn’t look right when it’s double spaced.

Here’s a great trick that works not only on Triond, but also in many other places where you need to enter text and want to control the spacing. To make lines appear single-spaced, just hit the Shift key at the same time as the Enter/Return key. Instead of your text looking like this:

To see two dangling lines,

Doesn’t look too fine.

It will look like this:

But two lines close together,
Makes me feel much better.

Dear Triond,
Can I change my Pen Name? My email address? My payment method?

Yes, yes and yes. You can also update your mailing address and other contact information, as well as your email preferences. Just click on the Account tab once you’ve signed in to Triond and change your information under Required Details and Additional Details. Please note, you cannot change your username. When you’re done, make sure to save your changes by clicking Update Account at the bottom of the page.

It’s important to update your account information whenever there is a change. If the email address listed under your account is incorrect, we can’t send you important information like monthly statements or payment details! Just like you’d update your mailing address with the Post Office, please update Triond so we can send you what you need to keep publishing.

Dear Triond,
I wrote a poem/short story, but it’s being sent to my Revisions for being “Too Short.” Why is this happening? It’s supposed to be just a few lines!

We know that creative writing can be shorter than the average article, but we can’t be certain that you are submitting creative writing unless you tell us! If you submit creative writing such as short stories, poetry, or haiku, you must select the category “Creative Writing” before sending your submission. As long as you’ve selected “Creative Writing”, our Editorial Team will know not to send your work back for revision on account of it being too short.

Please note, there is another category called “About Writing.” Any articles related to writing techniques, skill development, literature or online writing information should be categorized under “About Writing” to ensure they are published in the best possible location.

What's Hot?

Yes, winter may be the coldest time of year, but there are plenty of hot topics to include in your Triond publications. We’ve already mentioned our New Year’s resolutions, so why not write about yours? You could compile tips for sticking to your resolutions, motivational short stories or poetry, or even analyze the psychology behind breaking a personal resolution.

Another “resolution” of sorts will happen this January 20th, as President-elect Barack Obama is officially inaugurated to the top governmental position in the United States. Why not compile a personal list of your favorite inauguration speeches of the past or create a new version of “Hail to the Chief?”

For other hot topics, check out Google Trends. You can see the hottest search topics according to a specific date. Keep in mind that the searched topics ebb and flow according to relevancy at any given time, so the trending list can change quickly. With that in mind, Google Trends is still an interesting tool to reference when you’re thinking of your next Triond submission.

Using It Wisely: Selecting a Payment Method

One of the greatest assets of Triond is our global community of content creators. Because of this, we’re happy to offer three different payment methods to suit the needs of our diverse community; PayPal, check, and Western Union. Since each of our payment methods has slightly different requirements, here’s a quick review of the most important details of each method. Please note that no matter which payment method you choose, you must first fill out your first name, last name, city and country in your account details before we can issue any payments.


PayPal is our preferred method of payment with our lowest threshold for payout. PayPal is an online payment service that is not affiliated with Triond; we use the service just like you would use it – to send and receive secure payments online. The ease and security of PayPal make it the best choice for Triond users.

In order to use PayPal you’ll need to sign up for an account on their site. If you are located outside of the U.S., check with PayPal to see if you are able receive payments in your country. If your country is not able to receive funds via PayPal, you’ll have to choose a different payment method in order to receive your Triond earnings.

The minimum earnings threshold for payment via PayPal is low, only $0.50 (fifty cents). Once you have accumulated at least $0.50, you will be paid on the corresponding pay date. Make sure that your PayPal email address is listed correctly in your account details; otherwise you won’t get the email confirming payment or the payment itself!


Triond also issues payment by check in US Dollars. If you select to be paid by check, we will mail a paper check to you – look out for the Triond envelope in your mailbox! Depending on your location, the check can take up to 14 business days to arrive. (They don’t call it snail mail for no reason). In order to be paid by check, you’ll need to fill in your complete address including street name and house number, city, state/province, ZIP code, and country.

The minimum earnings threshold for payment via check is $50.00 (fifty dollars). Once you have accumulated at least $50.00, you will be paid on the corresponding pay date. Please note that there is a processing fee of up to $3.00 for payment by check. Ask your local bank to make sure they can deposit a check in US Dollars if your local currency is not dollars.

Western Union

Western Union is the standard way to wire money internationally. If you select Western Union as your payment method, we will wire transfer your earnings to the Western Union office closest to your address.

The minimum earnings threshold for payment via Western Union is $50.00 (fifty dollars). Similar to payment by check, there is also a processing fee of up to $3.00 for payment by Western Union. Once you have accumulated at least $50.00, you will be paid on the corresponding pay date. Make sure you check your email for the MTCN transfer number and other payment details. You’ll need them to pick up your earnings at your local Western Union branch.

That’s a wrap for our January update. Best wishes for the New Year from all of us at Triond! As always, check the Triond blog for regular news, and follow us on Twitter.

Happy Publishing!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Little Bit Longer Lyrics - Jonas Brothers

Here are the lyrics to the 2008 song "A Little Bit Longer" by the Jonas Brothers. If you would like to download the song or buy the album in CD form, I have placed the links to the correct pages at the bottom of the text below the video.

Got the news today
Doctors said I had to stay
A little bit longer and I'll be fine

When I thought it'd all been done
When I thought it'd all been said
A little bit longer and I'll be fine


But you don't know what you got until it's gone
And you don't know what it's like to feel so low
And every time you smile you laugh, you glow

You don't even know (twice, x2)

All this time goes by
Still no reason why
A little bit longer and I'll be fine
Waiting on a cure
But none of them are sure
A little bit longer and I'll be fine


You don't even know (know, know) [thrice, x3]


You don't even know

So I'll wait until kingdom come
All the highs and lows are gone
A little bit longer and I'll be fine

I'll be fine

Jonas Brothers - "A Little Bit Longer" Video

Jonas Brothers - "A Little Bit Longer" Download MP3:

Click on the image to the left to access the download for the song. Click the other image to the right if you want to buy the album on CD.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tips for Blogging Better

Here are some good general tips for blogging that I received as part of a WordPress e-course. These can help you get started in the right direction if you are relatively new to this particular online field.

Blogging can be an extremely interesting hobby. On a blog (online journal), you can post exactly what is on your mind. Some bloggers could care less if people read their posts and others make an effort to gain more readers. Some advertisers offer money for blogs with high traffic, so it is worthwhile to learn the following blogging techniques.

Use a Casual Tone

The most interesting blogs don't use formal grammar rules. The formal tone is boring and web surfers hate reading "hoity-toity" text. If you want your blog to be popular, write in a casual tone, as if you're having a conversation with a friend. Write the way you talk, not the way you are supposed to talk. Using slang and other words that you might not consider "proper" will reach a wide variety of viewers. Using humor and personality in your writing will keep people coming back to read your newest entries.

Don't Overdo It

Keep your blog short to retain interested viewers. People hate spending massive amounts of time reading text on the web. If they wanted to read a novel, they would do just that. Stick to your point and keep it nice and short. Posts longer than 500-700 words are too long. If you have more to say, create another post that finishes your point. This creates one long blog, but the break in the text will be welcoming. Readers will not get bored.

Never Advertise Improperly

Too often people use blogs as a space to advertise their services or their products. This can be a cheap way to get your work out there. Readers quickly get annoyed at advertisements. If you must advertise on your blog, consider doing so in a more subtle manner. Write a short post about your product and put a link to your website. Don't take up your entire blog space with the ad... you will scare people away from your blog altogether.

To get a jumpstart on WordPress blogging and plugin creation right away, check out:

Monday, December 1, 2008

Triond December Newsletter

Today article publisher Triond sent out its newsletter for December. Topics covered include profile personalization, Twitter, plagiarism issues, trend discussion, and proper use of tags.

Happy Holidays from Triond! Do you feel the holiday spirit like we do? Fun, seasonal music is on the radio and we are working and planning for a great 2009. This December, we hope you enjoy spending time with your loved ones, feasting on festive meals, and submitting your articles to Triond, of course!

This month’s newsletter is a bit longer than usual. We’re ending an amazing year with some very important information and useful tips, so please read carefully. Here’s to 2009 and beyond!

In This Issue

* What's New at Triond? Profile Personalization and Twitter
* Plagiarism: What to Do if it Happens to You
* Dear Triond…
* What's Hot?
* Using It Wisely: How to Tag Your Articles Effectively

What's New at Triond?

Profile Personalization

Last week we launched a completely redesigned platform for creating your profile page (Missed it? Read Profile Personalization 2.0 on our blog). Many of you have already designed great profiles that really show off your creativity. If you haven’t let loose the creative beast, it’s a must do.

Your profile is not just a place to see listed articles; it’s also an online creative portfolio. Make sure that your profile accurately reflects your personality, style, and hard work. Take creative control by selecting one of several color themes, then chose exactly which types of content are displayed on your page. You can send your new profile to colleagues, friends, family, even potential employers. Just think – you’ll never have to search for a writing sample again!

Triond's Twitter

Tweet, tweet… Triond has joined Twitter! Do you have Twitter? Follow Triond at and read about our latest features, service updates, and other news from an insider’s perspective.

Plagiarism: What to Do if it Happens to You

At Triond, we truly value the creation of original, genuine work. Everyday our Editorial team works hard to prevent the publication of copyrighted or duplicate content. However, the world of online publishing is very large and there are other publishers – both small and large – who have no problem to copy and paste stolen work, word for word at times, after it has been published on Triond. These publishers have no respect for your hard work, your copyright, and of course, they have no originality of their own.

When you publish work on Triond, you retain the full copyright, so you have the right to defend it! In the past, when Triond has found out about an instance of plagiarism, we have done the following:

* Find a contact person at the offending publisher. Usually an email address can be found at the publisher’s domain, in their “About Me” or “Contact Us” pages.
* Contact the person with a short and to-the-point email asking them to remove the offending plagiarized content.
* If they have not complied with the request after a few days, send a Cease & Desist Letter.

We try our best to handle plagiarism problems swiftly, but it is a long procedure that can take time to accomplish. Since you retain the rights to your work, you can also follow the above steps on your own. We encourage you to be proactive in protecting your work; issuing a Cease & Desist Letter is effective more often than not, especially coming from the owner of the copyright. Legal action need not be taken if the plagiarizer understands the crime and stops committing it. If you don’t know how to write a Cease & Desist letter, you can find many templates online. Fill out the template according to your content item's details and then send it to the site's contact person.

With hundreds of thousands of articles on Triond, and billions of webpages in the world, it would be nearly impossible to actively search out and contact every copyright infringement. Our Editorial process ensures that your work is original, and with your help, we can make sure no one takes advantage of your creativity.

Dear Triond…

It’s been almost four months since we released our Online Editor. While we are happy to see more and more articles submitted through this great tool, we know that even some of the most simple interfaces need an explanation every once in a while. This month, we’ll answer your questions on submissions.

Dear Triond,
How can I link to a website without pasting the whole web address or URL into my article?

Many websites have long, ugly-looking URLs that are a pain to type into the browser address bar. Instead of simply copying and pasting an ugly URL into your article, create a descriptive hyperlink to the page you are referencing.

Inserting a link is easy in the Online Editor. Just follow these steps:

1. Copy the URL of the page you would like to link from your browser’s address bar
2. Type a title for your link in your article and then highlight the phrase that you want people to click on
3. Find the “Insert/Edit Link” button that looks like a chain, click it and a new window will open. Paste in the Link URL, determine the target (whether the link will open in a new window or in the same window as your article), and then type a title for the link (this will show when you mouse-over the link).
4. Click “Insert” and you’re done!

Wasn’t that simple? Now go to the Online Editor to try it!

Dear Triond,
My article’s pictures aren’t showing up correctly. How come they are different than what I wanted?

The best way to make sure that pictures appear exactly as you want is to use the Online Editor. In the Online Editor, it’s easy to embed images using the “Insert Image” button. For more details, visit the Online Editor Help Center.

Regardless of whether you use the Online Editor or the Submit a File method, you must have the picture saved as a file on your computer, or know the source link for where the picture is located online. You will need the location details to identify and embed your images.

As a reminder, don’t use a copyrighted photo unless it has a license that allows resharing. And ALWAYS make sure you give credit where credit is due by sourcing your images. For more details on embedding images when submitting a file, visit the Help Center topic “How do I embed a photo.”

What's Hot?

The end of the year is a time ripe for introspection, and this year in particular we certainly have a lot to think about. We’ve just witnessed an historic moment in the U.S. political scene that will affect the entire world. Struggling economies in several countries are causing headaches, but also presenting new opportunities. Talk of “recession” and “bailouts” bring out contrasting emotions such as fear and hope. But we can all look forward to the holidays at the end of the month!

All of these topics – financial articles, job-hunting tips, economic insights, and holiday-themed writing – are great subjects for your work on Triond this month. Make your end of the year articles get noticed by heeding our advice to create truly relevant content.

Using It Wisely: How to Tag Your Articles Effectively

Remember last month’s introduction of a more refined category selection? Since we’ve implemented this feature, we now pick a specific category for your content item based on the tags of your article. You can help us put your content items in the best place by tagging each article with the name of the category in which you would like it to be placed. For example, if you write a Haiku, tag the item with "haiku.” It will be sent straight to the Haiku category. The same goes for "poetry", "pets", and so on. Less categories, more tags, better Triond.

That’s it for our December update. Happy holidays from everyone at Triond! As always, check the Triond blog for regular news, and follow us on Twitter at If you have questions, comments, or want to share a suggestion with us, just email the Triond Support Team at

Happy Publishing!

Monday, November 17, 2008

PLR Content Advantages

Another email arrived today, this one explaining some of the advantages and uses of private label rights content. It can be used to build niche sites and blogs relatively quickly, and these then can be monetized with AdSense or affiliate programs to bring in a steady stream of passive income.

Hey Karl, I wanted to make sure that you knew about the new project I recently finished specifically for my members of ArticleApps, so I'm sending this to you again... just in case you didn't get it a few days ago.

Since we've been on the topic of adding workable, quality content to our niche website sites, today I wanted to take you through what I believe is one of the best forms of article content to use online.

You might remember a guy named, Mark Norwell (he's the first testimonial on the HyperVRE site) whose son is currently pulling in $240 per month PER site in AdSense commissions, and $35 per month PER site in Affiliate commissions (the kid's 12 years old... yeah, you heard that right - He's only 12!).

Now, one of the things that Mark told me is that his son built the sites using PLR content (PLR means Private Label Rights content). To be honest, I wasn't all that surprised by his comments since I've seen a lot of success using PLR as well.

PLR content is basically content that you can put your name to, articles that you can upload to your site, and use in anyway that you like (depending on the site's terms of service).

To me, this is one of the very best forms of content to integrate with your blogs, and VRE niche sites. It's cheap per article (you shouldn't be paying $8 or $10 for someone to write an article for you when you can pay just a few cents), it's great quality (provided you get it from the right places), and it's dead easy to use.

Not only is this one of my primary sources for PLR, but it's currently the leader of the entire market in PLR content.

Basically it offers 225 original PLR articles per month across 15 niche topics. Not only that, but we offer 225 spin-ready articles that you can enter into our article spinner and generate even MORE unique articles.

As far as PLR articles go, this is one of the very best in the business, bar none.

I'm sure if a 12-year old kid can be successful using PLR content with HyperVRE, it's just a matter of putting your mind and effort to it, and you'll be able to do the same. :-)

And if you haven't yet checked it out and joined, this is one of those things that you can't afford not to try. Believe me, you will not look back after joining...

Sunday, November 16, 2008

SimplyPLR Site Launches, Offers Private Label Rights Packages

Last week, the SimplyPLR membership site launched, and it turned out to be a pretty good deal. There are lots of PLR articles and other goodies available after joining. I have been able to put some of these to good use already, as I have found it is much easier to start with a pre-written PLR piece and modify it for my own style and keyword requirements than it is to write a completely new article from scratch. Here is the official announcement from the launch day. They were still open to new members when I checked earlier today.

Hi, we've got a really important "time-sensitive" message for you that will only be available for a short period of time...

As you know, Tuesday was the big day... and not just because it was election day in the US. :)

We opened the doors to, and the response from our members has been overwhelmingly POSITIVE! (see comments at the bottom)

In fact, traffic to the site was insane on launch day. We have 2 dedicated servers here that were purchased specifically for the launch of SimplyPLR. We did this so that no matter how many thousands of visitors we received on launch day, our servers could handle it.

Well, during the first few hours, we had a complete server overload... Actually, there were so many different sessions and connections created on the server that it crashed mid-way through the launch. And there were several visitors who tried to get a membership seat, but just couldn't.

Since Tuesday, I've gotten A LOT of emails asking if we're planning on opening the doors to others.

So that's what I'm going to do. For a limited time, you can grab your membership seat NOW! I'm only letting a core group of members join... and this is on a first-come, first-serve basis. So head over there now and check it out...

The strategies here are what I personally use to help me get over 398,780 visitors. Find proof at the link above...

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