Saturday, October 4, 2008

Surfing Tips from Medieval Hits

Today Larry Phillips, the administrator of the Medieval Hits traffic exchange, offered some tips to members about the importance of branding and marketing, including how to use traffic exchanges to assist in these endeavors. If you would like to join Medieval Hits, you may do so from here (registration is free).

It's a wonderful Fall Day Here in the Kingdom -- a great Day to Surf.

I have a treat for all my fine members. I am about to start a series of Tips. The things I've learned by using, and then managing traffic exchanges.

This will be the first in a series of Tips, which will also be added to the FAQ's for future reference. I hope they help enhance your experience with the traffic exchanges.

Tip: Branding

Critical: Brand YOURSELF. Yes, promote YOURSELF, not some company or Pr0duct to get the best long-term value for your time and ad dollars!

Sorry if this offends some, but if you are promoting using only an affiliate site, it probably will put you in the 97% bracket that never earn any money on the Internet. You need your own website, even if it is nothing more than a series of splash pages which direct the viewer to one of your affiliate sites.

Plaster your name and picture everywhere you can. People buy you, not your Pr0ducts. It may take time to develop that trust, so don't be surprised if nothing happens for a while. Becoming a millionaire overnight is a pipe dream anyway. Just like any other business, most fail to turn a profit in the first 5 years.

It is much easier to bring your one domain up in the search engines and keep it there, than it is to bring up the rankings of several sites. Since 80% of all online Purchases come from a direct result of a search engine search (Google for example), it is important to get your site on the first page at all of the major search engines. Easier said than done. It seems they like to change the rules a lot. These splash pages are also the best way to use the traffic exchanges as they are quick loading and catchy. Changing them frequently will improve your conversion rates.

If you are brand new, I have hosting available on my server. I created a baby account at 2.00/month to help you get going affordably. This is especially important on the auto surf exchanges (timer is typically short). There are a number of useful free downloads (including a webpage builder that I use myself) available at

Thank you for being a citizen of the Medieval Kingdom. You can contact me anytime for assistance or guidance. For quick response, try one of the messengers below or my Live Support link.

Larry Phillips
Keeper of the Kingdom at Medieval Hits and Clixelot Auto Traffic

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