Friday, October 31, 2008

TrafficEra Launches New Forum, Marketplace Deals

TrafficEra is a traffic exchange I joined relatively recently but that is beginning to look promising. Besides for the usual routine of earning advertising credits, they also offer a marketplace feature, a forum, and have recently launched a new blog that deals with Internet marketing topics. Here is the latest mail from the company. You can sign up with TrafficEra for free here.

1) Happy Halloween ... the marketplace deals just got crazier!

Well, we may have lost our marbles on this one ... so take advantage before we come to our senses! In celebration of Halloween, the marketplace deals have gone over the edge of sanity ... and the good news for you is that the bosses won't be back in the office until Monday morning ... so this gives you a full 3 days to grab these incredible deals. Don't miss out ... log in and check the marketplace regularly. Good luck!

2) Post in the Forum and you could win BIG!

As we announced a couple days ago, Logiscape has just launched its brand new forum for members to interact and help each other.

And to help kick-start the launch, we are going to offer some great prizes for members that take the time to post some helpful information. We know that there are lots of members in our programs that are UNDER-utilizing many of the features available to them simply because they don't really know what they are doing. Simply put, they are not benifitting as much as they could.

On the other hand, we also have LOTS of members that are getting incredible results and are really using every aspect of the program. They understand how to best use traffic exchanges and also how to use the program to its fullest. Is that YOU?

Because if you have some good tips and want to share your strategies with others, then please head on over to the forum and post it in the "Strategies for success" topic ... it could be worth 5,000 credits!

We will review these posts over the next several days and PM the individuals that have won. Please keep in mind that we are especially looking for members that also offer further clarification and help when somebody else replies to their post.

So head on over to the forum and share some of that knowledge we know you have. And if you are new to trafficera or still figuring out how it all works, then why not start a thread in the "Getting Started" topic asking for some advice ... your success in this program depends on it. Have fun!

3) TrafficeraBlog continues to deliver ... check it out!

If you have already been keeping up with the blog, then you know that it is already off to a great start. And if you haven't yet checked it out, then you really should.

Over time, this blog will develop into an essential blueprint for success in Internet Marketing. We hope that you will follow us and share your own experiences as well.

One final thing ... please take the time to subscribe to our feed so that you can stay updated with all the latest posts. We will post very frequently (often several times per week!) and in order to keep current, it is best that you are subscribed. There are 3 ways for you to receive our feed, so choose the best one for you. And keep in mind that we fully respect your privacy and will never give, rent, or sell your information to anyone else.

Take action now!

Have a great Halloween,

Trafficera Admin
Logiscape Technologies Inc

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