Thursday, October 30, 2008

RoyalSurf Offers Prizes, Tweaks Exchange Formula

The RoyalSurf traffic exchange, one of the most prolific programs in its genre for sending out frequent and informative updates, sent out another email today welcoming new members and explaining recent tweaks and promotions. This particular exchange has a quasi-medieval theme and hosts virtual quests and jousting tournaments in order to add some fun to the otherwise boring activity of surfing through many other sites in order to earn credits. Here is the text of the update mail.

There is a link at the bottom where the exchange owner seems to be promoting a product that is supposed to help with list building and targeting more leads that actually buy stuff. I might look into this later because I really need to get into the whole list building thing in order to start making some real money from my blogging and marketing efforts.

Greetings Citizen Karl;

BRRRR! It sure is cold and windy here in the Royal Kingdom (Virginia). I don't much care for cold weather and unfortunately, it's on the way. It's definitely days like this that I long for the days when I lived in beautiful Hawaii! Ah, well, I'm sure this email will warm you all just as it did me writing it. ;-)

If you're in a hurry and just want a synopsis of this message here
you go...

1. New Members and Welcome
2. Guess the King's Birthday to Win Free Upgrades
3. 1000s in Credits Up for Grabs
4. Referrals Earn $1.00 & You Earn $0.50 per Referral
5. Joust Quest Game Page Changes
6. Something New for Better Results & Cash Too

1. New Members and Welcome

In the most recent 7 days, 169 new citizens have joined us. We are continuing to grow because of the great things that are happening in the kingdom and because of the efforts of all of you! Welcome to all the new members and a big thanks to all of you who are helping us grow!

If you're new to RoyalSurf don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions and don't be afraid to just poke around and see what things are about. There's lots of helpful people in our chat, which you can easily find when you surf -- look for the green chat boxes on the left and right sides of the bottom surf footer.

You can also find help at our blog, the Royal Scribe.

2. Guess the King's Birthday to Win Free Upgrades

I'm not going to go into details since all the information is posted on our blog. Guess the King's birth day and place, and you can win one of 3 prizes...

1. 1-year Royal Knight upgrade
2. 6-month Royal Knight upgrade
3. 3-month Royal Knight upgrade

3. 1000s in Credits Up for Grabs

Our Joust Team Competition is in full swing. You may join or form your own teams at any time, and join the fun. Of course, the longer you take to join the less likely your team is to win... but a true knight appreciates the battle as much as the win! Okay, maybe not. ;-)

Just the same, if the interest is high we'll continue the
competitions, so best prepare your teams.

4. Referrals Earn $1.00 & You Earn $0.50 per Referral

Through November 6th each of your referrals who activate their accounts (surf 25 sites) will receive $1.00 in their RoyalSurf cash account and you will receive $0.50 in yours. If the results are good, who knows, I may just extend the fun a few more days.

Use one of our customizable splashes to spread the word or create one of your own, but go tell folks so they can get theirs and you can get yours.

5. Joust Quest Game Page Changes

Recently, I extended the number of sites necessary to surf between displays of the Quest game page. I've presently settled that on 19 pages. This was necessary since the game awards a great number of credits and it was unbalancing the overall exchange.

To offset this somewhat, because I understand it's hard to adjust to at first, I've made some changes that I'm sure you'll appreciate.

I've softened up each of the Quests some so that successfully completing them the first time is a little bit easier. It's still not a guarantee by any stretch of the imagination, but most people should find they are winning more than they were previously.

I've also changed your Strength/Surf Ratio Bonus to appear much sooner now... in fact, I cut that in half back to 50 sites instead of 100. Once you hit 50 sites your surf ratio will dynamically increase and you'll be earning more credits with every click.

6. Something New for Better Results & Cash Too

I'm calling this Responsive Surfer Rewards for lack of a better name at the moment. Several times a week, perhaps even every day, there will be at least one special splash page or squeeze page in rotation that will earn the person who finds it a great prize such as...

* 25,000 or more banner impressions,
* $5 or $10 or more in cash,
* free month's upgrade, etc

There's only one little catch... finding it!

That's because the only way you will find it is by actually clicking through on splash pages or squeeze pages to learn more or sign up for their list, product or service. It may be just a simple click through or you may have to enter information such as your name, email, etc.

The idea here is for you to be observing, paying attention to, and actually patronizing our advertisers. Naturally, you can't click on or signup for every splash page and squeeze page in rotation at RoyalSurf... and you aren't expected to.

I do ask however, that you "Surf Responsibly - Don't Surf & Ignore." I've made a post on our blog, the Royal Scribe, that explains this concept in great detail.

Observing, paying attention to, and actually patronizing our advertisers who offer something that interests you can really pay off... "Surf Responsibly - Don't Surf & Ignore" explains how and now...

You can win a great prize from RoyalSurf too!

Either way you WIN!

Hey! Why don't you login and start searching for it now?!

Have a Wonderful RoyalSurf Day!

The King

P.S. Now you can discover 10 killer strategies for building a list
of buyers who scramble to take out their wallets whenever you send
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Get More Buyers in Your List

Catherine "Sorceress Cat" Heiter, Admin
Michael "The King" Kelly, Owner
Customer Support: spt(at)

RoyalSurf Manual Traffic Exchange

213 Pleasant Hill Dr
Boyce, VA 22620

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