Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Building a Blog Website for Income

An interesting email about building blogs for passive income arrived today. It contains some useful information for beginners who are wondering about creating blogs for monetization purposes but are not sure about how to deal with the technical details.

Gritty Details for Building Your Own Blog

Hey Karl,

You've made up your mind about blogging and you know if you want a locally or remotely hosted journal... what steps do you take afterwards?

If you're hosted on a service like, simply create an account on the site - fill out a short online form with your email address, name, username and password. You'll get access to a dashboard where you click a link to create a new blog. At that point, you fill in a blog title and blog address (make sure these are relevant to your keywords). Then just choose a template and you have your own blog... that was easy.

To get hosted locally: you must have your own domain name and hosting. To find a good web host just Google for "web hosting" -- or even better, "web hosting wordpress" or "web hosting fantastico"... most web hosts these days are ultra-cheap, under $10 or under $5. Setting up a WordPress blog isn't difficult, especially if your web host uses Fantastico, and then you can get started with one click.

If you want more than a blog -- you want a PORTAL -- you can install Joomla on your site, which you can get from However you should probably stick with WordPress unless you plan on building a huge site with message boards, shopping carts, and so on.

When you choose WordPress, you aren't "settling" by any means. There are so many plugins you can add to WordPress to make it a very unique tool.

For example, you can hook it up to a membership site using the Amember plugin. You can search for a WordPress classified ads plugin to allow other people to login to your site and post "wanted" ads in the form of blog posts. You can even use WordPress as an article directory.

As you can see, WordPress isn't JUST a blog. You can set it up as a simple blog to get started, and add plugins later to really make your site a one-of-a-kind web 2.0 site. Learn all about the ins and outs of WordPress using video instead of some boring textbook...


Have a great day!

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