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Ron Paul Newsletter About Texas Conventions

Although it does not directly mention Ron Paul, this newsletter relates to the activities of his recently launched movement generally known as the Liberty Revolution. Since I can tell from my search data that many of you are interested in Ron Paul news and updates, I figured that I might as well pass it along to those who may be interested. This particular letter addresses activities and conventions that are currently being organized in Texas and are scheduled to take place during the first part of 2009.

Many of you may have already received the below via your meetups or other mailing lists. We are sending it individually as well to make sure the word gets out. If you do not wish to receive mails about ongoing Liberty R[3vol]ution activities in Texas, please just reply and let us know. Otherwise, feel free to forward the below far and wide.


Texas Patriots –

It has been two months since the Minnesota Rally for the Republic, but few of us have had time to catch our breath. We all know that the Fed’s web of debt and pretend money has begun unraveling in earnest, as we all said it would, and our fine Congress has responded in typical fashion by marching even more quickly into the pit of socialism. They are nearly tripping over each other in their rush to shred what little remains of our liberties, while trying to point blame at each other for the things they all did together.

Meanwhile, many of us across the state are have continued to do what we can to keep liberty alive against these odds via education, local political campaigns, legal efforts, and other activism. Part of that is figuring out together how to continue some of the things we started during the convention process, and how we might fit in with the new national Campaign for Liberty. The results of this year’s elections certainly indicate we have a long way to go.

Many of you are aware that a group from Texas—one from each Congressional District, plus two at-large—attended a CFL Grassroots Summit while in Minnesota. While there we also met to discuss the future of a statewide organization in Texas. We know that local and regional groups will always know best what their areas need and how to achieve those things, but many are looking for an ongoing statewide effort for at least ongoing communication and statewide cooperation where beneficial. The future holds more conventions, statewide elections and issue votes, etc.

At that meeting, the Summit group agreed on the following:

  • That while every effort had been made to make that group representative for the Summit given the time available, we had no authority to continue beyond the Summit or form a state organization ourselves.

  • That Texas should instead hold conventions that provide opportunity for all activists across the state to discuss and vote on the purpose, role, structure, officers, etc. of a statewide organization.

  • That these conventions be called at the lowest level as mass meetings as defined in and under the parliamentary authority of RONR, in order to allow for maximum participation and to best determine the will of the body.

  • That these conventions should occur by March 1st, 2009.

  • That at these conventions any votes with statewide impact would be proportional votes, with each Senate District having a strength based on the portion of the statewide vote for Ron Paul in the 2008 Presidential Primary provided by that Senate District.

While the Summit group did not have or claim authority to simply dictate what happens next, we believe it was representative enough to set a goal that the rest of the volunteers in the state can look at and agree with. The focus of these conventions will absolutely be to include as many people as possible and to determine the will of the full majority in Texas, with respect for minority opinions. If others disagree they are of course free to take personal responsibility to do something else, but we hope people will at least first try to come together and help us deliberate and seek consensus.

Four individuals were given responsibility for organizing and issuing the call for these conventions: Jeremy Blosser, Debra Medina, Robert McDonald, and Don Zimmerman. The four of us met recently and determined that the best option is to hold a series of SD conventions in January, followed by a state convention in February. The SD conventions will be called as open mass meetings, with a primary purpose of determining representation from each SDs to the state convention. The state convention will consist of the delegates elected from each SD and will set its own agenda and scope. We will have someone present at each SD convention to assist as needed and will provide suggested agendas and rules and other information, but acceptance and use of those will be entirely up to the voting individuals present. Each convention will be called to order by an appropriate temporary chair and will proceed immediately to the election of a permanent chair and other organization, then will conduct its business.

We are initially suggesting the following schedule:

Jan 10, D/FW: SDs 2, 8, 9, 10, 12, 16, 23, 30
Jan 10, Waco: SDs 1, 3, 5, 22
Jan 17, San Antonio: SDs 14, 19, 21, 24, 25, 26
Jan 17, Harlingen: SDs 20, 27
Jan 24, Houston: SDs 4, 6, 7, 11, 13, 15, 17, 18
Jan 24, El Paso: SD 29
Jan 31, Lubbock: SDs 28, 31
February, Austin: State Convention

However, as our goal is maximizing participation, we are certainly open to suggestions for alternate locations. We are also researching methods for allowing large SDs to meet in multiple physical locations via video conference. Please LET US KNOW if you are interested in attending, REGARDLESS of the date and location listed for yor SD. If the listed date or location would prevent you from attending, suggest a reasonable alternative. Final dates and locations need to be determined soon, so please forward any suggestions or concerns that you have promptly.

Please also note that the focus here is specifically on determining what Texas wants for itself. While it is assumed that whatever organization comes out of these conventions will seek charter as the Texas Campaign for Liberty, that will be up to the conventions themselves. We hope to have a list of the CFL’s requirements for state organizations by the time we meet so we can review them and decide together if we want to base our organzation on those requirements, but if Texas chooses to vote to do something else, that is what we will do. There is no requirement that you be a member of the CFL to attend these meetings, though if we do decide to seek a state charter in the CFL they will require that the individuals involved in that process be CFL precinct leaders.

Please send your comments, question, and initial RSVP to convention(at)ocati.org as soon as possible.

We hope to see all of you there as Texas again makes history.

For Liberty, Prosperity, and Peace,

Jeremy Blosser, 469-212-7090
Debra Medina, 979-253-0220
Robert McDonald, 512-658-1723
Don Zimmerman, 512-577-8842

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