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Triond November Newsletter

Today online publisher Triond sent out its November email newsletter. Triond is a site where you can submit articles that you have written and make money from a portion of the site's advertising revenue. I have not personally submitted any articles to them because I want to publish my articles on my own blog and keep 100% of the ad revenue, which to me only seems logical! Nevertheless, freelance writers who don't understand the technical aspects of building their own site or who simply don't want to mess around with it for whatever reason can build up a passive income by submitting their work to these types of article depots.

Here is the actual text of the newsletter, which explains how to deal with declined articles and provides tips for choosing popular topics and understanding the rules for publishing and attributions. Meanwhile, you can also check out Triond's newsletter from July that I posted on my main blog at That edition had some pretty informative content for prospective writers, and one person even commented on the post and gave me a link back from her site. Yay!

There’s no metaphor more appropriate for Triond than that of the potluck dinner this Thanksgiving season. You see, Triond is like the table upon which all of the amazing, delicious food is presented. Each website in our network is a different chair and you, the writers, photographers, poets, journalists, artist, et al., are the family members. Everyone brings their unique dish to the meal and there is always something new to eat. In this dining room, however, the table, chairs, and dishes are endless in size, type and quantity. The dining room is always expanding to accommodate the growing family. We’re looking forward to seeing you and your next potluck platter soon, because with Triond, everyday is Thanksgiving.

In This Issue

  • What's New at Triond? Identity and category solutions to the great philosophical questions “Who am I?” and “Where do I belong?”
  • Dear Triond… To Publish or Not to Publish, the Question of Decline
  • What's Hot? Politics, Holidays, and other Signs of the Season
  • Using It Wisely II: Tips for Enhancing Your Work Responsibly

What's New at Triond?

The last two weeks of October were busy for Triond as we debuted two updates; 1) comment identity protection and 2) streamlined category selection. Make sure to check out our blog for details about both updates. For a brief review, see below.

Your Comment, Your Identity

Now when you leave a comment on an article published through Triond, you can sign in with your Triond credentials (user name and password) and a link to your public profile will be embedded within your comment. This feature adds security and another opportunity to showcase your work to a larger audience.

Category Overload No Longer

We’ve narrowed down the list of categories for your submissions, tailoring the choices to reflect the network of sites on which we publish your work. Less noise, more productivity.

If you don’t already subscribe to our blog’s RSS feed, now is a great time to do so. Be the first to know about new features and developments, and share your suggestions with the Triond staff. Start receiving updates now!

Dear Triond...

Sometimes, our Editorial team needs to decline your content submission. There are a few different reasons why we decline articles, but for now let’s focus on one of the most common reasons. The following is a helpful decline explanation and some tips for how you can work to prevent it in the future:

Dear Triond,

Why was I declined for “readability errors” and what does that mean?

Don’t read into this too deeply. In fact, on the surface readability is just that how readable is your writing? Is your spelling correct? Do the sentences flow easily from one to the next? When we decline for readability errors, it typically means that there is a recurring problem with your grammar, punctuation or spelling. Sometimes, the automatic grammar and spell check aren’t enough. If you have any doubts as to the strength of your grammar and punctuation, try these suggestions:

  • Have a friend read it over. No matter how many times you’ve re-read your work, it’s always helpful to have an extra pair of eyes check out your writing. Sometimes, if you tend to make the same mistake over and over, you become so acclimated to that error that it no longer seems like a mistake.
  • Brush up on your middle-school grammar. There are many online tutorials on correct English grammar and punctuation, and you can even find articles within the Triond community. Why not explore your fellow Triond writers’ suggestions on grammar tips or common spelling mistakes.

Even if you spend an additional 5 minutes combing through your article, it will help. We want to publish as much of your work as possible, so help us ensure that your readers will be able to do their job—read!

What's Hot?

It’s impossible to refrain from discussing politics this time of year, and with such a hot election season drawing to a close shortly, there’s no better topic to write about than politics itself. Articles about the U.S. Presidential race, analysis and philosophies on political movements from around the globe, and even photographs or video you’ve taken at rallies or speeches are prime content for publication.

This month also marks the official start to the fall/winter Holiday season. Post your favorite Thanksgiving recipes, gratitude-themed poetry, and video greetings to family, or even lists of things for which to be thankful. Topical content is more likely to be searched for in the major search engines so don’t miss out on adding your piece to the virtual cornucopia of content this Autumn.

Using It Wisely II

We want to remind you about something very important -- copyrights! While we love receiving your original articles, poetry, photos and other self-created multimedia, copyright infringement is a big no-no. So please publish responsibly.

Double check that the awesome photos you're including in your article are not copyright, or that they have a Creative Commons Attribution License that allows for re-distribution. Check your facts, cite your sources, and work with photos according to the rules. A bit of coordination before you submit an item for publication can prevent a major headache in the future.

That’s it for the November Triond update. As always, check the Triond blog for regular news on all things Triond. If you have questions, comments, or want to share a suggestion with us, feel free to email the Triond Support Team at

Happy Publishing!

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