Friday, November 14, 2008

How to Make WordPress Plugins

Today I received an email from one of my lists that discussed the issue of WordPress plugins and how they could be created relatively easily. Since I use WordPress for my main blog, this piqued my interest somewhat. The "WordPress on Crack" system mentioned in the video is supposed to be a useful set of video tutorials on how to get started with a WordPress blog and make significant money with it. I might check this out later.

Hey Karl,

They Laughed When I Said I Could Write My Own WordPress Plugins...But When I Started To Type...

Recently I've been explaining "WordPress on Crack" and outlining exactly why you need to become a serious blogger to build lots of content, subscribers, customers, and above all... money. I'm sure some of you were SHOCKED and SADDENED to see the $97 price tag on this incredible product. Why the heck does "WordPress on Crack" cost a whole $97?

Think about it this way. WordPress on Crack contains two parts: the main product (how to create plugins) so let's say you're paying $48.50 for that part. That's $16.17 for the plugins themselves... 11 plugins... $1.47 each. When's the last time you paid a dollar-fifty for a PHP script, ever!?

Then $16.17 for five hours of video... that's 5.3 cents per minute or the equivalent of making a long distance call overseas. Remember, you don't have to watch all five hours, you can skip around or stop watching the videos at any time... I prefer video because it's easier than reading a stupid book.

There's also the instruction manual that shows exactly how I made each plugin so you can do the same. There is no padding here. I could have added extra filler text, lots of links to external sites, double spaced and changed the font so the book passed the 200+ page mark... but what's the point of that? You want to get the information fast so you can apply it and then take a nap.

But instead, I tried to keep it around 10 pages per chapter so if you want to know EXACTLY how any of these plugins work, just skim the chapter and it explains everything! Nothing is left out. The cost of the book comes out to about 19 cents per page, good luck finding those rates when you buy a hardcover print book.


Then you have the bonus videos which cover the rest of that $48.50, and THEN some... just click on the above URL to see what I mean.

Have a great day!

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