Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ron Givens Becomes New Affiliate Manager at AWeber

Today's email update is from Ron Givens, who has apparently just taken over as the new affiliate manager at AWeber, a very popular autoresponder service used by Internet marketers and other business entities. Autoresponders work by helping people who use email marketing to gather leads, build up a list of loyal subscribers, and then promote relevant products or services to them. If you're looking to make money from an email list but have not yet set up a good autoresponder system, you can sign up for AWeber here.

Hello Karl,

My name is Ron Givens, and I am very proud to be announcing my new role as Affiliate Manager for AWeber Communications effective immediately.

With my addition to the program, I will be working very closely with you and all of our affiliates in order to:

  • Boost the productivity of your campaigns.

  • More easily track your campaigns with new upgrades to the affiliate control panel.

  • Enrich your overall experience with AWeber.

In the upcoming months a primary focus of AWeber's will be not only the commissions that we can pay you based on your referrals, but also on your participation within the AWeber community.

This includes a variety of tools and resources we supply, our live webinars, or just the goings-on of our team.

Your involvement as an affiliate is a big part of the service we offer our customers, and we want every one of you to become more a part of what makes AWeber such a dynamic marketing experience.

Comments and suggestions from you are always welcome. We will certainly take them into consideration to enhance our relationship as well as your success.

If you have any questions about the program, please feel free to email us.

Let's get things moving!


Ron Givens
Affiliate Manager
AWeber Communications

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