Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Internet Marketing Success Story

This morning I received a nice email from a newsletter author who is apparently into building profitable niche sites. Every few days I receive new niche ideas from this list along with possible affiliate products to promote. Sometimes there are even free PLR (private label rights) article packages included that can be modified for use in our own newsletters or blogs. This particular mail is about an encouraging success story in Internet marketing where a beginner who was struggling with everyday living expenses received some very useful help from a more experienced affiliate marketer.

I have this amazing success story to share with you today...

If you're in a hurry and want to see the success in action, just go to
Check out the videos - I LOVED them!

We all love to hear about people being successful, and I want you to take the time to read this story because you can learn a lot from it.

In the survey that I conducted a little while back I learned that although a lot of you are working your beautiful little tails off - that many were still struggling to succeed with niches - and using affiliate marketing in niche site building.

This is my main drive to share this with you...

I know that many of you have already heard of the Internet marketing expert Liz Tomey. She has a real commitment to people and helping them reach their goals.

It turns out one of her neighbors was in real need - so Liz, being Liz decided to help - and in the process developed a product that is able to help you too!

She literally turned a total newbie into an "insane affiliate marketing machine".

You see, Liz's close friend Michele was going through a divorce, which meant losing her husband's income. She knew that she couldn't pay all the bills and in turn would have to sell her house and uproot her little boy from his "little world". All Michele really needed was a few extra grand a month to pay the bills and keep everything "normal" for her son.

Now to some of you that doesn't seem like much, but to most of you, a few extra grand a month means a lot.

So, Liz took 5 days out of her schedule and showed Michele one of her very own affiliate marketing systems that had worked for her for years.

Now Michele had never heard of affiliate marketing before. She knew how to check email and surf the Internet, but had no idea that you could make money online.

Boy was Michele shocked to find that after 5 days of implementing what Liz taught her she was able to make over $500 and get 400 new subscribers that she could make money from time and time again.

Michele won't be worrying about bills now as she continues to make money. She'll even be quitting her job in just a few months!

With Liz's teachings, Michele has an easy-to-obtain income goal of $500 a day, and now Liz wants to show you how to do the same thing!

Watching the process of Michele going from knowing absolutely nothing - to seeing that awesome smile of success - knowing she could do it - and make it on her own was brilliant.

I hope that you will also take advantage of Liz's help, and start creating your own autopilot affiliate income today...

Grab the new course from Liz, and get started right now ....

All the best!

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