Sunday, November 9, 2008

Unusual but Lucrative Internet Marketing Tip

Today I received a nice little tip that is potentially very useful for promoting affiliate products or doing any kind of PPC advertising where choosing the right keywords is important. Apparently most long tail phrases with the word 'my' included tend to perform better in terms of actual conversions than the same phrases that use the word 'your'. Moreover, most of the 'my' phrases have less competition in the search results from existing articles and blogs.

This means that people like me who are into bum marketing and blogging will be able to gain a relative advantage in search engine placements for our articles and make more money from them than those who don't understand this kind of information. Here is the text of the brief email that explains the details on this. Meanwhile, if you would like to learn more about what bum marketing is and how you can make money with it, you can read my article at on bum marketing techniques.

How's it goin?

Wanted to drop by and give you a tip that will put money in the bank for ya while promoting The Magic Of Making Up System.

After poring over my conversion data, I discovered this strange little secret...

Much to my amazement!

Here it is... 'my' converts twice as well...sometimes 3 times as 'your'.

What do I mean?

The phrase 'how to get YOUR girlfriend back' converts at 2.6%.

BUT... 'how to get MY girlfriend back' converts at 5.88%.

This lil phenomenon is true pretty much across many phrases.

'how to get MY ex back' converts better than 'how to get YOUR ex back'

Now...these phrases have less traffic, but also less competition.

Further...almost ALL 'my' phrases don't have many articles, lenses or blogs using the title or URLs.


Do you know what to do?

Rooting For You,

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