Saturday, November 15, 2008

WordPress Techie How-To Videos

Today I received a follow-up email to yesterday's discussion about the WordPress video tutorials. This one provides some more explanation about them and offers a less expensive package that will help us get over some of the technical hurdles that come with trying to start a profitable WordPress blog.

Hey Karl,

You get the Techie Howto WordPress videos. 79 minutes showing you how to get a WordPress blog up, add AdSense so it makes you money every day, add a recurring membership income... cost: $16.17

As if that wasn't enough, I'll send you the "Install SEO WordPress" videos, which show you how to optimize your blog to make a meteoric rise to the top of the search engine results. Kiss most of your wasteful paid advertising campaigns goodbye because you won't need them.

There are four plugins in particular that you MUST install on your blog and these videos show you everything. These videos last about 89 minutes, otherwise known as the time it usually takes you to watch two episodes of "Law and Order."

I'm also going to send you Quentin Brown's Advanced WordPress tutorials, just because you're that special. How would you like an additional 84 minutes of video SHOWING you, not TELLING you, how to customize error pages, auto-blog, use RSS, graphics and wigets with WordPress. I tried to make it a point to cover all the bases so you wouldn't be confused about any aspects of WordPress.

As you can see, you only pay $16.17 for each piece of the "WordPress on Crack" package. Each piece of this package alone would cost you $30-$50 if you bought it elsewhere.

Seriously, who wants to learn anything by just reading a book. I did everything I could to hold your hand all the way through these easy tutorials. Trying to read through reference books and hunting around on Google for DAYS for the answers will NOT get you what you want... it's just going to waste your time.

Think about this. If you wanted to teach a child to read, would you SHOW him some real examples or would you hand him an A-Z dictionary?

That's what I thought. You'd go with the hand holding. You would show them real examples and get them to follow along... and guess what... that's how you're going to learn WordPress in record time at:


Have a great day!

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